Allow scripts to set in-experience LocaleId

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to help a player select their preferred in-experience language.

After translating our game Adopt Me to German through professional translators, we found that user engagement KPIs of existing users, such as total daily playtime, actually decreased when reviewing the results of our AB test, whereas new users engaged more. Our hypothesis is that users who already play Adopt Me must speak english fluently, since the game requires a working knowledge of english to play, and when all the text suddenly changes to German through us uploading our German translations, even if they live in Germany, they are not pleased when all their pets are named something entirely different.

We would like a way to prompt the user to choose their preferred language, ideally through unlocking the SetExperienceSettingsLocaleId API call.

Example mockup of a game specific UI calling Roblox SetExperienceSettingsLocaleId API

The only way to get a user to change their in-experience language setting is to try to explain to them how to navigate this dense settings menu through multiple clicks

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would incentivize developers to translate their games into as many languages as possible. Otherwise, the data makes a compelling case for why translation may not be worth pursuing.


While this does sound like a very good cause for a change like this, the API is probably restricted for a reasonable cause. I would suggest a new API, that triggers a pop-up (much like the new invite UI) that allows the user to select their language. Though I don’t have any ideas on how this may work, I think it might be a better alternative to unlocking API that is reserved for the settings menu.

I do agree that the availability of content in different languages is a requirement for worldwide expansion.

Like the other commenter said, this is a good idea and may be very useful for some such as your game but this can be so easily abused aswell, which is why it is locked. Perhaps making it allowed for only specific experiences so you can apply would be fine.

Thank you for the request! This is something we are looking into.