Allow Spacial Voice UI to be Hidden/Configured

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to gracefully implement spatial voice into an existing game

Right now, the spacial voice UI is super intrusive, because there is currently no way to modify or hide the spatial voice UI. This means that you have to design your UI around spatial voice, a feature that only a small subsection of roblox’s audience can even use.

A simple solution would be to add SpatialVoice to the CoreGuiType enum, and let spatial voice be enabled/disabled via:

StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.SpatialVoice, false)

Alternatively, it would be nice for there to be configurable properties/interfaces with the VoiceChatService object. This could include things like the distance at which you are able to hear other players (something that’s a major problem in my large-scale game).

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because users with voice chat enabled will be able to use our game’s photo mode without any intrusiveness

Subtle, but still breaks the immersion of the photo:

Right now, if you have voice chat enabled on your count there is no possible way to stop the intrusive voice chat widget from covering existing game UI. This is terrible for the end user, in addition to game developers themselves. In order for the end user to disable this voice chat UI, they have to go into their account settings, disable voice chat entirely, and re-join the experience.

The photo mode in my game is designed for content creators; voice chat conflicting with the photo mode means that I have to choose between marginalizing the content creators who would want to make voice chat related content, and marginalizing the content creators who make cinematic/story-based content.


I second this. For games such as first person shooters, the spacial bubble breaks the immersion and style of the game. A white rounded bubble simply isn’t a cohesive solution for everybody.


As someone who also plays games on their downtime I highly agree. There were times where I have accidentally clicked on the unmute button when I didn’t need to or want to use the feature which makes me worried about being moderated on accident. Being able to not have a button for something like voice chat in the middle of the screen would be nice.


I support this, however, instead of giving the power to the developer to toggle Spatial Voice UI through APIs, it should be a setting in the escape menu so that the client can decide if they want this UI intruding their screen space.

A better way to solve this intrusive UI would be to move the button from an annoying, always active chat bubble, to its own button in the top bar, or possibly even allow keybinds and/or support for push-to-talk