Allow Spatial Voice for over 30 player servers

As a group owner it’s currently hard to utilize Spatial Voice feature as it only allows for max 30 player servers. This leaves out the big roleplay communities who have 50-80 player servers, where voice makes the most sense in retrospect.

Voice is great for roleplay and if the big roleplay games can’t use them, it becomes very demotivating and hard for our members to understand. It fells like a wall that only damages, not helps me in any sort of way.

If there should be a wall, perhaps 50 is better so that we as developers can at least level down our server size to something that is still acceptable relative to how the game functions.


They mentioned at RDC that they’re working on it. The reason it’s capped is because in their testing they found out that the best audio quality is under 30 users. Hopefully they’ll be able to optimize this more soon!


Haha, was just about to make this same post! It would definitely increase the engagement from players when it comes to roleplay. Hopefully roblox will be able to increase the server member requirement soon to allow us to enable voice chat on games with more than 30 players.


Hey there, thanks for your feature request. As mentioned above, we announced that we would be supporting larger servers for spatial voice at our annual Roblox Developers Conference in 2021.

Please file another feature request if you have any more new information or suggestions regarding spatial voice, cheers.