Allow spontaneously switching between avatar costumes in-game

As a Roblox player, it is currently too hard to switch between outfits in-game without requiring you to either back out of an experience in the app to the avatar editor, or minimize the client and use the website.

Extremely often I want to experiment with different characters for my avatar, but I have a well defined brand and character that I want to leave visible on the website at all times.

To be perfectly honest, given that a decent number of people look at my profile page from time to time, and I have a toy of my avatar, I feel a little bit self conscious messing with it. I don’t want to have to change my avatar on the website temporarily just so I can play as another avatar in-game, and then have to remember to change it back.

I would like to be able to choose an avatar override while in-game from the esc menu drawn from “My Costumes”. This override would persist for the current session until leaving the experience and returning to the app / closing the client.

This would improve my experience because I’d finally be able to comfortably use all of the cool UGC accessories I’ve been hoarding this whole time, but never using because I don’t want to mess with my public avatar.


This feels somewhat like two asks in one (to clarify, not a bad thing, I love both of these asks).

Ask #1: the ability to change a costume in-game without a custom developer implementation (provided an experience uses the default avatar).

For ask #1, this should absolutely be a thing. Now that the new app is being rolled out mandatorily - I could really imagine some form of integration with the Avatar Editor and other app features while in-experience.

Ask #2: a “temporary” avatar. It would help maintain a public persona and offer privacy. I would go one step further and pose the possibility of a “display” avatar instead of a temporary one.

For ask #2, I’ve always wanted something like a temporary/display avatar. Sometimes I want to experiment with different avatar styles, or go incognito, or test avatars for in-development experiences. I end up getting asked by users why my avatar is different within a couple minutes of changing it. The ability to separate the two would be so good, but I’d love it if it was more than just temporary.