Allow text highlighting in a TextBox

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to implement text highlighting for a textbox.

Highlighting text is really useful for stuff like copying, pasting or deleting large sections of text. Right now, it takes way too long do these kind of actions. Besides the case of spending ages deleting text the Roblox chat GUI, plugins are generally a bigger case where we use text input a lot and this would make our lives much easier when using them.

tl;dr This would make I and all of the players on this platform have a better experience when using textboxes if we could highlight text along with copying and pasting the selected text.

Edit: with the upcoming(maybe) plugingui update, this would be appropriate to fit with the rest of the studio UI.

Highlighting would look like this:


Yeah, basically every other actual game has this for text. Makes things a lot easier.


Games such as Minecraft have the shortcuts like ‘ctrl+a’ to highlight text and ‘ctrl+x’ to cut. I’d really appreciate to be able to do more than that. The point is to ease editing text.


This is should be a basic thing imo. Every other game has it. It should be native too, so that it works with the operating system (no point in copying and pasting without that).


Still need this.


I am going to bump this because I realized this would be useful with PluginGuis as mentioned in the OP. This also should be implemented to TextLabels for copying text (ex: an output window).


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PluginGui is out and this still isn’t possible. This feature would save so much time with editing text and give a better feel to interaction in games and plugins.

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With the Studio interface slowly being ported to Lua (Toolbox, game settings, etc.) the lack of basic text box functions is becoming a real problem. I’m unable to copy or easily erase things like item IDs or place descriptions, and it really needs to be addressed.


Just saw the tweet by CloneTrooper1019, it’s confirmed to be added soon!