Allow the backslash UI selection mode to be disabled from the escape menu

Currently, as of 12/10/22, there is a UI selection feature that is toggled by pressing the backslash key on PC : New Keybinds for Keyboard Navigation

This feature, while useful for people with disabilities and non-standard hardware layouts, is problematic to people that do not need the feature. When playing games, I am often hitting my enter key for various in-game actions. However, because the backslash key enables the UI selection mode, I’m often accidentally enabling it mid-game because my backslash key is right above my enter key. This is very annoying and it often gets me killed and whatnot in various games.

There should be an option to disable the UI selection mode from the escape menu, just like you can with shiftlock. It’s a great feature, but it is not always desirable to have it enabled since it’s very easy to accidentally enable it.


We need this. I feel like all CoreGUI that can be configured by the user should be accessible in the escape menu.


I also have issues with this, the fact that this isn’t togglable is surprising given it’s focus within the company to implement.

We will have to rely on third party programs to disable this hotkey, such as AutoHotkey. Due to it being below the backspace button, it’s easily hit when typing a chat message in game without realizing.

This is definitely a feature that needs a little more attention to be great. Please make this togglable.


This is still an issue. Please add an option to disable this!


Support for this feature. I’m surprised Roblox added a breaking change for something like that. Wonder how it got through

Edit: it didn’t occur to me before posting that this was from a player standpoint not a developer’s

It can be disabled by the developer


Most developers will not do this however - this needs to be a feature built-in to the client.


This is still a problem as of March 2023. Any time I forget to disable my backslash key, I end up getting killed because I accidentally enable the feature in the middle of a pvp match.


I agree, there should be a way to disable the backslash key because I keep hitting it by accident.

I definitely agree. The UI selection feature has become nothing but a nuisance for me to be completely honest.

Just so you know this is now a thing!


Roblox removed the option, it no longer appears on the escape menu.

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Ugh. Maybe it had some issue I don’t know but they should put it back. It’s genuinely such a nuisance.

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It’s been reenabled and a topic was made announcing it, so hopefully it’s permanent this time.


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