Allow the DynamicThumbstickFrame drag input restriction to be disabled for specific DragDetectors

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to navigate with the DragDetectors in the specific region of the mobile device screen.

Some people who regularly utilise DragDetectors on mobile may have noticed that dragging has been restricted on the part of the screen marked as red below:

That’s the case when our Movement Mode is set to Dynamic Thumbstick. It is understandable when it comes to dragging a part around our screen, however some people like me have different use cases and this restriction becomes rather disturbing than helpful to avoid any unrelated physics issues. We’ve been left without an option to toggle it off for our specific needs. I use the DragDetectors for buttons which sorta behave like ProximityPrompts and have set the DragStyle to Scriptable and ResponseStyle to Custom. At least in such case a new option should appear which allows us to toggle these restrictions off. As the name says “Scriptable” DragStyle is meant to be fully customised by the creator and in this case adding any restrictions should be fully up to our will.

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