Allow us to block or unblock someone in the DevForums

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to not let someone reply or see my topics or replies

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because that way i can not let anyone interact with me when they’re blocked

I want to block someone in the DevForums like how you do it in Roblox in general


  • They can’t send you a private message
  • They can’t see your topics or replies
  • They can’t reply to your topics or replies
  • They can’t follow you
  • They can’t do anything to your topics or replies
  • Their Notification Settings to you will automatically be muted

People you can’t block

  • Yourself
  • Roblox Administrators (so you can know when a roblox update is planned/released)
  • Developver Engagement Team (so when you flag a post, they can know that you flagged a post)

The reason why I wanted this is because people can interact with you regardless of notification settings, with this, people can’t interact with you in the DevForums


You are alrady able to mute and ignore users.

Muting a user:

  • They cant send or receive PMs with them

Ignoring a user:

  • They cant send or receive PMs with them
  • Cant see their posts (and they might not be able to see yours)
  • Wont get any notifications from them (and possibly the other way around as well)
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One caveat to the muting thing is that it is only restricted to Regulars. Members are unfortunately forced to put up with things.


By default. It’s changed so tl1 can ignore and mute users


but they can reply to you, like I muted maddjames28 and he somehow replied to me despite muting him, Blocking is more powerful as they can’t reply to you nor interact with you

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Must be a bug, you should probably file a bug report.


oh nevermind, I thought blocking in the forums would be a good idea, but it has almost the restrictions I listed…

UPDATE: I checked and it’s not a bug, I ignored RealOmlet and ElTesterx and they somehow replied to me


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