Allow us to change corner radius of each corner with UICorner

As a Roblox developer, it’s currently too hard and takes a long time to make corner radius different for each corners. As most of you know, UICorner was released a few days ago. I loved it! But I think, if it had this feature, it would be really great.

As the title says, I want a feature within UICorner which would allow us to change corner radius of each corner. By this, we could make awesome looking frames which is currently possible only using photoshop (or multiple UI element. Which is not ideal at all.). I want a feature, which would allow us to change corner radius for each corner, but there should be an option to change all too. For example, we could make this within Studio, without any photoshop:


Support with this feature, personally I would want this in my game instead of using multiple frames/images to create different corner radius.

Anywho, being a duo developer that takes charge of UI and the unique designs that I want to apply to most of my UI is very beneficial for me and users who play my game. I rather have a UI element that allows you to change the size of each corner of the UI instead of using a ImageLabel to do so as I rather use UICorner and a frame to do all of the work.

That is something you can do, but as a UI designer, I don’t like using photoshop or Paint:Net to make something like this as it takes up most of your time designing UI.

If this was added in the first place like maybe a couple of months, I guess I would give it a name such as UICornerRadius or UICornerLength, but I guess it depends on if this feature would be a thing or not, and I want this feature pronto!


Support. This also shouldn’t be complicated from the API standpoint. The simplest way to implement it is to add enums which describe which corner is affected by the chosen instance, with “All” being the default to preserve current behavior. So you would use 4 UICorner objects to achieve this.


4 years later, surprised this isn’t implemented yet


We need this, why is this not a thing yet?

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Fr, why there isn’t an option for this already. I have to use hacky solutions for this which slows down my development.

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