Allow us to create group payout structures per game

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to spread payouts per game in a group.

This is an issue because as development groups expand, different games may have different developers on it, which creates the issue of who gets paid for what. If it is allowed that a group is allowed to pay out developers based on a specific game’s revenue, it fixes this issue.

Lets take two games, Game A and Game B
Developer A works on Game A and Developer B works on Game B, with the developers sticking to their game without accessing the other.

Game A is three times as popular as Game B. However, currently, its not possible to give all revenue from Game B to developer B and, all revenue from Game A to developer A. You have to hackily balance the total payouts to allow this, which is an imperfect solution to say the least

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to create a payout structure that pays developers for the games they worked on, instead of global group revenue.


Yeah I definitely agree that roblox should add this in!


This would assist with growing our brands as well. I completely agree as I would love to have my games all under one group in order to prop up the studio I own. Payouts per game in groups should have been done a LONG time ago and it’s extremely archaic to let the current revenue system sit as is. This is one of the more straightforward problems that can be fixed.


I have the same issue. Bumping this since I was going to make the same feature request.

Having more control to add automatic revenue split per game & give roles/people individual development access per game would be really nice for multiple teams working on different things under one studio/group.

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This would be a very cool feature!
I’m not sure, but if you have clothing under a Group it gets sold as Group Payouts, right? If it does this shouldn’t be applied to that too (anything that gets paid through Group Payouts should€

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This would definitely be a helpful feature for groups that have different payed developers for different games. Though I have never experienced this problem myself, I understand how this could be cumbersome to certain group holders, having to constantly check each individual game’s revenue and split it between each dev. I am definitely looking forward to this feature if chosen to be added by Roblox.

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A separate option for clothing & ugc revenue’s automatic payouts would be nice with this

I think we should also be able to split payouts per developer product and gamepass too, as this would help further, for example if a developer made assets that are included in a gamepass, but didn’t make anything else in the game, it makes sense for them to only be paid for sales from the gamepass and not the games total profit.

Bumping this thread as it needs to be addressed. I currently own a community with a team of about 20 developers split into 4 separate projects. I want to be able to set percentages per game that they have worked on so that the funds are distributed equally.

As for the implementation of this feature, it might be hard to address, unless there was a way you could add on to the payouts page to an experiences tab. I have taken some time in possibly suggesting a possible layout of how this could be represented. I took a similar layout from the open cloud selection box and I think this could work out. Let me know what you think maybe?

Possible Design Implementation

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