Manage Group revenue in Creator Hub and split profit per experience [Beta]

Hey creators,

You can now manage your Group revenue within Creator Hub. This includes single payouts to your collaborators, as well as recurring percentage splits. Moreover, you can also define your percentage splits per Experience, rather than for the whole Group!

We know that improving collaboration controls for your team is only half of the battle - you need to make sure that you are fairly sharing the success of all your hard work as well. This is why we’ve been overhauling all the revenue management features, improving and building upon them as we move them to Creator Hub.

Payouts overview

If you are the owner of the Group you’ve selected, you will notice a new ‘Payouts’ page under ‘Finances’. Here, you can send one-time payouts, as well as define percentage splits with other members. Some Groups may not have this page unlocked initially due to a number of possible reasons (ie the Group has no funds).

One-Time Payout

When you want to give your collaborators a set amount of Robux from the Group fund, you can use one-time payouts. This allows you to select multiple members eligible for payouts, defining a set amount for each of them. You can then batch send all of these payouts with the click of a single button!

This overhauled feature includes 2FA challenges, confirmation dialogues, and safety features around the eligibility of members being paid this way to help ensure that your Group’s fund remains safe.

Recurring Splits

You can also define recurring splits at the Group level, much like before. By default, the Group fund takes 100% of everything the Group makes, but this can be spread amongst eligible members of the Group.

However, you can also do this at the Experience level. This means that for each Experience the Group owns, you can define brand new percentage splits. Everything your Experience makes (ie Game Passes, Avatar Items sold within it, Engagement-Based Payouts) will be impacted by this.

By default, 100% goes to the Group, and much like at the Group level, you can distribute that to eligible members of your Group as you see fit. The remaining percent continues to go to the Group level, to be split as defined at the Group level. An example is below:

  • Group splits:
    • Member 1: 50%
  • Experience splits:
    • Member 1: 10%
    • Member 2: 40%

When the Experience makes a sale for 100 Robux, Member 1 will take 10 Robux, and Member 2 will take 40 Robux. This leaves 50 Robux (the remaining 50%), to be distributed at the Group level. This means Member 1 takes 25 Robux (for a total of 35 Robux), and the remaining 25 Robux goes into the Group fund.

Note that Robux is not a fractional system (you can’t give 0.1 Robux to someone). As a result, any remaining Robux stays within the Group. This is the same behavior as the old recurring payouts system - if you are given 33% of a Group’s revenue, and it makes a sale for 4 Robux, you take 1 Robux (technically 25% of this specific transaction) and the remaining 3 go to the Group fund.

Final note; Private Server subscriptions do not update when you change the recurring splits in the future. If one of your users subscribes to a Private Server, and a collaborator is set up to take 50% of revenue - they will be given 50% of that subscription every month, even after you update the revenue splits in the future. This is how Group payouts have always been calculated, but is something we’re actively investigating to change.

In Conclusion

We have many, many more features in the works to make collaboration access and Group revenue easier. In the theme of revenue management specifically, we are planning on:

  1. Adding a permission so you can make a role to manage Group payouts and revenue
  2. Enabling per-item (ie a Game Pass) recurring splits
  3. Resolving the complicated fractional issue described above by switching to a ‘batched’ model of recurring splits

As always, please throw us any and all feedback and suggestions! We read everything in the thread, and really appreciate the conversation around everything we do.

Creator Success team


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Took a while but absolute W update, I love this, a 10/10

Does the 5 mil robux come with it?


Finally! This is huge for the platform with how large development teams have gotten

also let me get a slice of those 5 million group funds /s


This has been one of the big things holding back our team from working on new games. Gone are the days of needing 15 different groups due to each group having it’s own team members. Super excited for this amazing change.

I did notice this issue where it counts as the 0% going towards the group as a split. This isn’t very intuitive for the end user, to me it at first glance I thought I accidentally added another user.

I also noticed that when I enter my 2FA code, it produces an error, and I have to submit again. This is non-intuitive as well.

The last thing is that my team members no longer have a way to view their percentages to my knowledge. Their only indicator is the Roblox message they receive. Will there ever be a way to better see this sort of info as a % holder?


This is super helpful! I am happy to see useful tools for payouts, especially for larger studios that may have difficulties with that.


YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS. THIS is how we know Roblox is paying attention to some aspects to its quality of life for its developers.


This new payout system is amazing! Much more organized, and it looks very detailed.

(Also that 5M looks quite nice wink wink)


This is awesome! Happy to see Roblox making it easier to pay people in groups with multiple experiences


Big W, however when you guys finally get around to adding permission roles for people to manage group payouts and revenue, I can see this being a big W for bad actors who use groups to scam people since they could just now not have no worries about being banned etc since they could just manage money from different accounts and not have to worry about the main one holding the groups they own. Its good and bad but I hope it doesn’t lead to any large scale scams when that happens.

But overall this is a big W I feel like these things especially with companies on Roblox should have been a thing ages ago, happy to see this is released I love this.


This has honestly been so long overdue. Having to create a new group for each different development team felt so unorganised. Considering how mature the platform has become in the past couple of years, it’s weird how this wasn’t implemented way earlier.

Nice update!


Very long awaited for update and I’m glad it’s here, thanks ROBLOX. :kissing_heart:


Amazing work Roblox, this has opened up SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!


Dude ROBLOX isn’t missing with this updates lately


If you want some further testing, I am completely available at any time.

I’ll join the group in the screenshot and we can probably test with about 20%. being split to me.


W update

next: please do this for developer and edit access to only allow certain experiences to be accessible for editing


Kid named PandaDev:


Thanks for overall thoughts (flagged a few things with the team). Regarding this one specifically - if someone has been given a split, they should be able to come to Payouts page in that group, and see just their split to validate that.


I’m being told by them that they are not able to see the payouts tab. They do have a payout percentage for multiple experiences apart of this group.

This is a screenshot provided by them:


This is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while, thank you very much to the team that made this possible!

Could we see a way to transfer funds from our personal account to groups in the future (without facing 30% fee)?