Allow us to make the Top Bar completely transparent

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to get rid of the TopBar without also getting rid of all the CoreGuis.

Disabling the TopBar gets rid of all the CoreGuis. Health, PlayerList, Chat, Backpack.

It currently only allows us to set the transparency to only 0.5, or 1. I don’t see why it’s limited to only those 2 values?

I’m currently not a very advanced scripter, and therefore I can’t make my own custom Backpack system, I wanna use the Roblox’s default. But I also want to remove the Top Bar.

In my opinion we should be able to set the transparency and the ZIndex of the CoreGuis to whatever we want.

They recently did lift the restrictions so that you can set the transparency to 0 (totally opaque), 0.5, or 1 (fully transparent).

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How would that be done?


How did I not know of this… I did plenty of research :x

Thanks a bunch anyway!


Yeah, it is a recent change so might not be documented very much

They haven’t updated the wiki on it yet either

Search feature turned this up rather quickly. We’re you searching off of the dev forums?

I knew about that for a while, that’s completely disabling it; As I said in the OP it removes all other CoreGuis, which is what I don’t want.

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