Allow us to submit .mp4 in posts instead of just gif

Gif is a horribly bloated file type compared to mp4.

The gif supplied in my bug post (PlayerList coregui has a very annoying input-stealing bug with controller
) to visualize the repro is 3.61 MB.
The .mp4 version is 324 KB. Much better and faster to load. Heck discord can embed mp4…



*The alternative is to use gfycat and link a webm but I don’t want to use a 3rd party service that may or may not go down, and also with file limitations. I just want to upload the file I have.


Also YouTube as an alternative, which is what I use.

Support! I’ve encountered this a few times and it’s pretty annoying when I could just… drag it into the editor.

Hey @Maelstronomer, we have now enabled .mp4 file uploads - please could you test this out and let me know if it doesn’t work.


*Thank you :o


None of these work on my browser (I am using Opera and am adamant about never using Chrome).