PlayerList coregui has a very annoying input-stealing bug with controller


  • Put the code below in a LocalScript in studio

  • Press F5 to test

  • Walk around with the controller (so the last InputType becomes Gamepad. Required for bug.)

  • Notice the returning playerlist will Select the playerlist. Which you cannot do normally. So I’m not sure why it applies the Selection to it.

The super annoying part is you cannot move or jump while the playerlist is being bugged selected. And it’s hard to notice it’s even being selected and stealing input because of its location in the top right. You have to press B to get out of it.

Temporarily hiding the playerlist is very common in shop screens.

wait(3) print'go'
local startergui = game.StarterGui
startergui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.PlayerList, false)
startergui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.PlayerList, true)


Internally, make the CoreGui PlayerList buttons have .Selectable = false. Simple fix. Please fix it thanks


Yep, this is really frustrating. Half the time when I start a game with a gamepad I have to press B because it auto-focuses the player list for some reason. Why are they even .Selectable?


It is probably to make it so it can be used to sending/accepting friend requests, following/unfollowing users, and blocking users. It has a reason to exist, but shouldn’t be stealing the input.

You can’t do those actions with a controller (even though there does seem to be a PlayerList button in the round menu by pressing Start on a controller; it doesn’t seem to do anything)

Ugh what even causes the bug where a simple disable/enable of the playerlist causes it to be selected >:

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thanks for the report! We will get a fix in for this

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