Allow users leaving likes/dislikes to write comments that developers can see

More importantly for the dislikes. I feel like I would be able to improve my games so much more if I just had a list of complaints from all the people who specifically left dislikes because I can just go through them one at a time and solve each of those problems. This would help developers improve their games so much more by getting mass feedback from players.


I’d love for there to be incentivization for people disliking a game to leave feedback (Said feedback could show up on the creator dashboard page for the place, or just in a dedicated area in the dashboard page)

And in this “(optional) provide your feedback!” message, the button to submit your rating could be greyed out for a few seconds to further encourage people to think about why they’re leaving a rating.

(Oh yeah, this topic probably would fit better in #feature-requests:website-features )


Yes, I absolutely would love this feature! However, users should have 5-10 minute of playtime in order to send a complaint otherwise, it would get abused by player just joining for a minute or 2. I would like to see why player disliked my game so I can improve and renovate the game.


I support this feature and I know it has been requested many times already. I am receiving a lot of dislikes and I have no idea of why is so? As the game remains with updates, some changes here and there, but nothing to the point that would cause players to dislike from my Point Of View.

However, they may have their reasons for doing so and I would love to hear what they think about my game when providing feedback that affects how others perceive the game.

Thank you! (I know the image doesn’t show much of a decrease since it was from 80% to 79%, but the way the graph looks just helps me see that there are more players disliking than liking as of right now)


I don’t see this likely happening because of two reasons,

  • Bots
  • Captcha

Let us assume that it does get implemented.
In order to moderate these posts and prevent bots from spamming their love for the world, each comment will likely require a captcha to be solved in order to be posted. This would be an incredibly tedious task to simply leave a review that is unlikely to ever be read, especially if it is a negatively perceived remark and or feedback.

Why do reviews work on other platforms, like Steam? There is some belief that your reviews actually get read by the developers, but also because your review itself can receive likes, dislikes, andddd stickers!
You may also feel a bit motivated to leave a review if it helps to prevent other’s from becoming unfortunate buyers to a good marketing plan.

On the qilʇ side, if you enjoy a product you’re quite likely to also leave a positive review out of pure gratitude and support, even if hindered by a captcha. Though, besides prompting other players to have more reason to play your game, there would not be any other gained value from positive feedback. (Yes, it tells you what to keep doing/your strengths are, it can also even include mixed feedback on things they liked and disliked.)
At this point, it would be better to implement a more intuitive and impactful rating/review system.


I don’t think it would be a problem as it would only be something visible to developers. Although it would be annoying to have it spammed by bots regardless.


We can make an in-game feedback system and link forms of social media like Discord and Guilded. (Those servers can have feedback channels)

But, I’m not against this feature request. Well, as long this feature request can co-exist with a user-wide reviews system. (I don’t see why they can’t both be a thing.)

A system for developers to get feedback, without having to set up a bunch of stuff, would be awesome.


This would be so awesome. My biggest pet peeve is seeing dislikes and not knowing what I did wrong or how I could improve.


This would be great to have. There’s so many reasons to dislike a game, and there’s no way to know what the reason is, so you can fix it. Most people who dislike a game don’t ever interact with it anymore, like me, because why would you? If I was able to review a game, I probably wouldn’t use it much.

<13 year olds would definitely not post intellectual reviews, and that’s a huge portion of the platform.


It would be great as well if we could sort these comments by new & existing users, and be able to see how long since each player’s first visit - this would help differentiate between negative ratings which are for the new user experience, versus a negative experience of a long-time user, say if an update rolls out that suddenly makes it tedious for Timmy to open the shop on Console. (Also information like platform would be critical as well in case the bug is a platform-only issue)


This is a brilliant idea, im sure Roblox have already thought about this, but i think its something we should encourage them to add, it would help a lot!