Allow users to customize hair color to their liking

As a a Roblox player, it is difficult to find a suitable hair color among the given choices of hair. If I wanted a brown shaggy instead of a black shaggy, that would be impossible.

To resolve this, I am suggesting that users pay only for the style of the hair, and pay extra for any hair color that they want.

For example, If I bought the Brown Hair for 60 robux, it comes with the brown color for free, but if I wanted it to be the color black, I could pay an extra 10%, let’s say 6 robux.

This was mainly in response to the thread asking for hairstyles that are more diverse, in which matching the hair color user desires would at least be easier to implement for the time being. It would also improve the customization of avatars on the platform.


Why stop at hair? Let’s just allow any hat to have any arbitrary Color3.



Hair is the most sensible to customize with any color as you can make a piece of hair 100% red or 100% blue, unlike other hats that might need tweaking so like, the stripes of a hat don’t also become red or blue.

Still, I do agree we should expand it to cover all accessories.


Sounds great, but the problem with this is that pretty much all retextured items would be worthless, save for extremely different textures.


As a possibility for UGC Roblox could sell Accessory Meshes that comes with some pre-made textures and a blank template in which you could make your own and possibly sell? Of course the texture would have to be approved by Roblox so that it does not resemble any of the pre-made Textures and so that it is suitable.


Like if a current hair has a brown or black variant already? I think it might be possible for the hair to be converted into the “color option” item by the system without the owner needing to pay again.

Hmmn, you would have to convert the images to greyscale so the textures still remain when applying the color filter (Not like terrain colors where they just apply a tint to the textures).

I’m all up for more customization, but what would happen to these?


image image image


Theoretically the color (or texture) could be the cost, even going as far as having a limitedU color.

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What if you just bought a regular black hair, then changed the hue to bright pink? Would extra colours have to be locked behind a paywall, and if so, then wouldn’t they have to apply that paywall to every single roblox item, and configure each one manually?

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They could have a “Vintage” tag applied to them. Vintage items would only be tradeable.


Yeah, but that doesn’t stop someone buying a beautiful hair for 95 robux and changing the hue to bright pink.

The limited hairs should be turned into different shapes, and the other non-limited color variants should be refunded.

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As far as I understand it, I think the idea is the mesh itself costs and then you pay for a color to be changed/added to it, users can not freely do that unless they would own the color.

But then what would happen to the owners of Fuchsia Fantastique? Would they be compensated?

That’s a limited item, so it would just change shape to be unique as I said.

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That still applies though, I could just spent under 100 robux to make my own fuchsia fantastique

Change shape, as in mesh?


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I’m 100% positive that people who own that item would not be happy. I owned fuchsia last month before I traded it up, I would be outraged if they changed it.