Allow users to see their moderation history

As a Roblox developer/player, it is currently impossible to view my moderation history.

I propose (re)adding the ability for a user to see their moderation history. I will now provide a few use cases.

  1. Allowing developers (and basic users) to reflect on their past actions so they know what they have done wrong in the past. This could potentially avoid re-offending.
  2. Allowing parents to view their child’s moderation history. This could be a way for parents to track their child’s behavior online and potentially have a talk with their child if they see anything bad. This could make Roblox a safer community.

I know this was a feature in the past but it was removed. According to speculation, the ability to view your history was removed because people were posting their moderation history on the Roblox Forums. The Roblox Forums have sense been removed so this should no longer be an issue.

If Roblox is able to add this feature back to the game then I believe I (and the rest of the community) could better reflect on our past actions to make us less likely to re-offend.

Note: I could not find this posted anywhere on the devforums and I was surprised that it hasn’t been posted yet. Please let me know of any suggestions or changes you would like me to make to this thread.


Would be nice if they create an API to see all the bans and warnings.

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Hi, I’d like to update this feature request and say this is apparently possible:

I’d personally like moderation history info to be on the Roblox website itself, under possibly a new section in the settings menu, not something I have to go out of my way to get.

I’d update the feature request to ask for moderation history to be on the Roblox website itself, if you’d want that change. The info above might suffice you however.


Support for this feature request.

This used to be the case, but for some reason it was removed a while ago.


Support this feature request, it makes no sense why we haven’t already had this feature implemented into the site.

completely agree, amazing feature

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