Allow VehicleSeat Steer and Throttle properties to take floats

Pretty straight forward, change it from forcing the inputs to be either -1, 0 or 1 to accept a value anywhere from -1 to 1.

The reasoning being it would make fine control on the throttle and steer inputs actually possible (assuming the back end is math based and not state based of course). Sure keyboards may not get much of a benefit but game pads and wheels/joysticks would actually have a use in racing on default set ups, and it would make any kind racing game a whole lot easier to do nicely.

Sure theres the “Well you could just script it” argument but then we might as well not even have vehicle seats if we’re scripting everything.

Sorry if this has already been requested, did a quick search and couldn’t find anything so feel free to post other request topics where this has been mentioned.


IIRC a second round of controller updates will include this.

necro’d because this would still be pretty darn useful.

I tried driving a car on mobile the other day and it was one of the more difficult challenges I’ve taken on in life.

Incremental values would be great for this type of issue.


Is this the same thing?

If so, and you use vehicles in your game/etc please vote for it!


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