Allow viewing of request body of HttpService calls in Developer Console

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to view the request body of requests you make without custom tools. Whilst you can resolve this through creating a central module or something similar to direct requests through, and then further store for any debugging that may be taken out by the developer, it would be useful for the current developer console (shown below) to show the request body as well as the response body which is already shown in the network information.

Whilst it’s not essential as there is a way for it to be able to be done by creating third party tools to analyze the traffic, as well as even send your requests to a website which is designed to debug requests, it’d be easier and quicker for developers to be able to view what is being sent inside requests from their game from within the developer console.

By addressing this issue, I’d personally find it much easier to debug issues in games I develop where HttpService takes a big part, as I’d be able to find what data was sent in the request, making it easier to find out if there was an error in compiling the request object, without having to create any third party tools to output the request body of everything which is sent from the game. It can also provide a way for developers to view the requests of scripts they don’t recognize, to determine what data from their game is being sent to a source they may not have control over.


Do you need this functionality in just Studio or in live games too?

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I personally would like this to be a feature in live games if possible, as I’ve had a few instances where players have reported bugs to me regarding features using HttpService, and I wasn’t able to view the specific error message that was sent in the response body, meaning I had to check the logs of my VPS instead to find the cause. This could be useful to other developers facing similar situations in live game servers, especially if they aren’t the creators of the service they’re sending requests to.