Am I allowed to make a 9/11 Memorial?

Hello fellow developers,

I am currently working on building New York City in Roblox, and considering it’s based off NYC, I would like to know if I was able to build a 9/11 memorial, and even a small museum explaining what happened?



I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t be able to make it. As long as you don’t recreate anything from 9/11 it should be fine.


Roblox Community Standards

Terrorism and Violent Extremism
Roblox has a zero tolerance policy for content or behavior that incites, condones, supports, glorifies, or promotes any terrorist or extremist organization or individual (foreign or domestic), and their ideology, or actions, including:

Depictions of or support for terrorist or extremist attacks
Depictions of or support for the leaders or representatives of terrorist or extremist organizations
Sharing the slogans, images, flags, manifestos, or icons of terrorist or extremist organizations, either in whole or in readily identifiable part
References to the ideologies, messages, or strategies of terrorist and extremist organizations
Expressing support, condoning, or glorifying terrorist extremist ideologies or actions
Recruiting membership for a terrorist or extremist organization, or encouraging others to leave Roblox to find such information
Fundraising for terrorist or extremist organizations, people, or supporting groups
Expressing support, condoning, or glorifying mass shootings and other acts of domestic terrorism or violent extremism

I think as long as I don’t include any images, I should be fine.


This is not a legal advice, rather a highlight of some clauses in Roblox Community Standards.

Last update: 2023-05-16

On the image is likely the most relevant section. Recreation is prohibited (which makes me question how games simulating D-day are available!), same goes for support or glorification. Capitalization on events could be interpreted as gaining advantage from the situations.

An example of recreation are those horrible games we can sometimes read about in the news, writing about developers recreating mass shootings, some sort of a sick action role-play.

The following can be found in the chapter Safety. Considering the highlighted text, it applies to different forms of expressing support to such extermist organisations and acts.

In a very recent change on March 15, 2023, Roblox replaced term world tragic events with the term world sensitive events.

Roblox Community Standards

Your intentions are to build a memorial for the victims and explanations of the tragic event. You intend to be respectable and approach carefully, placing everything in a specially allocated museum.

It’s always worth warning about including such topics in your games/experiences. Keep in mind that you are still creating on a gaming platform, especially for younger generations. However, as long as you make sure your content follows the guidelines, you should be fine.


According to Roblox support page, Understanding Moderation Messages, last updated on January 19, 2021, Roblox MODERATES TRAGIC EVENT MEMORIAL/REMEMBERANCE CONTENT, because of the risk of players behaving “in an inappropriate manner in or around the content you’re posting”.


Even though 9/11 memorial doesn’t really violate the TOS, Roblox still reserves the right to moderate for the safety of others.


yeah it totaly is innapropriate i must appologize for that,

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You can just ask Roblox Support. I’m pretty sure they can tell you if its allowed or not.

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i have seen pretty much this exact post on r/gocommitdie and devforum.txt several times

I’m not on reddit nor twitter…

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