Am I allowed to mention the word "Discord"?

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I was wondering if I can mention Discord in my game (without posting any links). For example, “Get help in our Discord”, the only way to get the invite link is in the Roblox Social tab. I would just like to clear this up as Roblox isn’t very clear on this exact scenario.

(I put this in Game Design Support because the words are in a TextLabel)


Infinite apologizes. To answer that question lets observe the past.

You’re not allowed to say Discord because Roblox doesn’t like that.

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No you are not you can put it in your game or groups description just not in game


Why? It’s not an off-site link?


I think you can. For some reason roblox tags the word “Discord”, however you can have an invite link to a discord server in your game.


Because it has an age limit most little kids are most likely not to read the description of the game but they will read the guis in game
Also that would be against the tos for bypassing the filter


The GUI in-game does not include the discord invite link the invite link is located in the “Social Links” tab. (textlabels are not filtered so you can’t bypass the filter)

This image isn’t from my game, it’s just an example lol.


What we do is we create pictures that direct people to the socials tab underneath and game and group. For example, take a screenshot and circle the Discord icon with an arrow pointing to it.

There’s no text here, and you can say “Click this link to join our communications and get help!” This is entirely within the rules of Roblox and won’t get you moderated as well as achieves the affect!

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ok so you can put the discord icon and logo but you cant say the word discord you can say something similar like communications or comms

I know that but a lot of people under the age of 13 will probably sign up for discord and it’s againstthe rules

Those links are hidden from accounts under the age of 13, which is not possible with in game text, which is why they prohibit it.

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I think you’re miss-understanding. The Discord invite link is not in the actual game, it’s in the social links tab on the Roblox Website. In-game a text label says “Get help in our Discord” but it does not give the Invite Link, or Code away.

If you want to let people join your group/game’s Discord, then you have to set a social link. Roblox doesn’t want kids getting involved in a site that is for 13+ users.

This will solve your problem discord is a filtered word on roblox and if you put a gui with the word discord you will get some sort of moderation for bypassing the filter.

I’ve seen games (several) That openly mention r/XYZ(That was an example) and disocrd.

I don’t think so, as Discord isn’t an allowed word, and <13 users are forbidden from saying, seeing, joining, etc.

I think the logo is fine, but the word “Discord” would most likely not be allowed and could result in some form of moderation.

That is what social links are for. Use them.

I think you also misunderstood me, I said I was using them. My question is, can I mention the word “Discord” in my game, no invite links/codes.

There is no way to guarantee an <13 user won’t see it, so no. But why in game though? You can already do this in the social links, which is visible to 13+ only.

Rōblox has a thing for wanting to prevent younger players from utilising chat media outside of Rōblox. This includes Discord - that has a minimum age limit of 13.000000. If you include an invite link in-game that youngers will see (they constitute a majority of the playerbase), Rōblox might not like it very much.

However, they probably wouldn’t take action themselves.