Am I allowed to mention the word "Discord"?

If you can pass “Discord” through the filter without it being filtered then, yes, you can use it.

I’d probably put something like “Follow our social links for help.”

In-game GUI elements (such as TextLabel and ImageButton) don’t filter text automatically. All developers who wish to implement systems where user input is involved should manually call a specific service in the backend to do the filtering for them.

If in doubt whether you’re allowed to use such terms, surely the logical thing to do would be check whether it’d be allowed by the filters first?

No, you can’t do that. The only place where Discord is aloud is at the Social Links of your game.

Again, I’m literally just saying the word “Discord” not actually posting the invite link.

As I stated: the filter is mostly intended for users who are playing your game. I’ve heard that ‘Discord’ is filtered out because people under the age of 13.00000 shouldn’t be convinced to use Discord (though that’s just hearsay). We don’t need to check the filter, since we know for certain ‘Discord’ would be deemed ‘inappropriate’.

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If you’d really like to follow the rules, I would only show the invite link to people whose accounts are ‘over 13’. To determine this, I would use this method, pass in a random assortment of strings/digits, and evaluate from the result whether safechat is enabled for their account (and thus determine if they’re in the walled garden of whitelisted chat).

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I’m not showing the Invite Link in-game, just the word “Discord”.


Thanks for the clarification. I believe my aforementioned option would still work in your case - even without the invite link.

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What would you be using it for?

Bad advice.

You aren’t allowed to mention Discord or show invite links in games at all, period, irrespective of the user’s age. You will receive moderation action for direct or indirect references of Discord in games.


I don’t fully agree that is true - although I’m open to the possibility that I’m wrong. I’ve frequented a number of games (such as this one) that openly share their Discord invite. Moreover, I haven’t seen any cases of Rōblox taking moderative action on a game that takes my aforementioned approach. If they are able to determine if your chat system filters words correctly, they may be able to access and analyse your source code. If they happen to see a system spanning multiple ModuleScripts that ensures only older players see the Discord reference, I reckon they wouldn’t moderate as likely.

You don’t have to agree, but you are objectively wrong. Discord isn’t allowed in games. Period. Doesn’t matter if you are checking age through the filter system which is a seriously unreliable and somewhat invasive method to begin with.

Other games showing Discord links doesn’t mean that it’s allowed, they are doing so against the rules and are eligible for moderation action if reported. Roblox does not police games, which is why games featuring Discord references or links in-game may remain unmoderated for a prolonged period of time. They require motive to investigate a game’s circumstances.


I know someone whose game was moderated because it had a discord invite url inside a comment in a script. So just stick to social links, nothing else.

You can put the social link there, but cannot say it because discord can only be used by people over the age of 13. As long as you don’t mention it in the game description, you’re good.

Again, I’m not placing a Discord invite link in the game I’m just mentioning the word “Discord”. The invite link is in the social tab.

That is fine. Unless you can reword it to “communication server”.

PolicyService may be of use here, specifically GetPolicyInfoForPlayerAsync and the returned “AllowedExternalLinkReferences”.

Please stop offering bad advice on this thread.

Discord references are not allowed in games. PERIOD.

PolicyService and TextService are not workarounds and you will still be moderated if direct or indirect references to Discord are present in your game. This has been cleared up above, please try to read other posts. The only place Discord is allowed on is via Social Links on the game details page.


After consideration, I concur with your point mainly because it’s significantly less prone to moderation action. Congrats on having your post marked as the thread’s solution though.