Amount of Players on a place in a universe

Hello, I’m sorry if this topic was confusing! Let me break it down.

As many of you know you can link places to teleport users to and from. Allowing you to make HUB worlds and what not. Currently if you go to a place that is linked to another you’ll see that number of players shown is the number of players across the entire game. Ex:

Yet there is nobody in this game. But a linked place has 2 players

So I’m wondering how I could get the number of players in the linked place rather then the overall players.

Is this possible, if so let me know! Thank you.


I dont think there is an official api for this, however would be a good addition to AssetService. You could achieve this with the new HTTPService GET api however you would have to go thru a proxy etc…

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Could you provide an example??

I used the solution seen below and it didn’t work