Get Player Amount

Is it currently possible to get the amount of players in a game on Roblox that isn’t a connected to yourself or your universe?

I’m looking to make a community hub for the colonial era of war groups on Roblox and would love to be able to list a bunch of battle maps from group owners and say how many are currently in that game.

If this is currently not possible within Roblox, can anyone recommend a free service that would be able to send the requests needed?


You can scrape any game page for the player count.

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What does this mean?

I think what he means is that you can use a third party service to easily get the player count since it’s displayed on the game page of any game you have the Id of.

I did some research to see if there was a web api for this, but there wasn’t.

Perhaps someone could suggest this in feature suggestions?

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It’s doable, but you’ll probably need to use a roblox proxy.

You’ll probably want to filter results by creator, these are just examples.


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This is flawed because it only gets the count for one platform. So a mobile-only game that has 20k people on it won’t even show up.


It’s all good. This is for war communities, so no one plays those games on any other platform.

This looks great. What’s the url where you can input any game id and it grabs the information for that id only?

Also what do you mean by a Roblox Proxy? Need to set up a website to handle the http requests?

Not quite sure how to do it but I believe this game does exactly what you’re asking about:

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This may help you:


Yep, that does it too.

No idea how.

I’m looking for a free method.

@Zeumus the person must own the game.

Couldn’t find a way to do that with the place id, so you can try using this instead and filter out the ones you want displayed.

^ This method also gets playercount from all platforms.

Yep, since you can’t exactly send requests to the Roblox website.


Yes, this is possible. It requires http services to scrape the web page of a roblox poxy.

web= game.HttpService:GetAsync(" ID goes here")
After that, it’s just string manipulation to get the number of players off the site.

function players_online(place_id)
	local web = game.HttpService:GetAsync(""..place_id)
	local player_text = string.find(web,"Playing") -- find the online players section
	local new = string.sub(web,player_text)
	local number_start = string.find(new,">") -- find where the number starts
	new = string.sub(new,number_start)
	local number_end = string.find(new,"<") -- find where the number ends
	new = string.sub(new,2,number_end-1)
	local players_online = string.gsub(new,",","") -- in case it's over 1000 players
	return tonumber(players_online)