An anchored part that can be rotated in any direction by force, how?

So I want a Part that is anchored in air, but I can add rotVelocity in any direction. I can’t just use “Anchored” property, then nothing happens. And existing constraints seems to limit the directions?

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Do you want the part to carry a player on it?

Yes kind of. Actually its box where player is inside.

Well you can’t Anchor it then if the part is anchored the player will have no interaction with it

There is a very easy way you could just insert a “BodyGyro” inside of the part and change the BodyGyro’s properties however you want your part to turn “actually to do this you need to use CFrame”

Of course I want my par to turn. That the whole point of the topic. And turn with forces, not with manipulating Cframe, because if I do that player will not move with the part.

No with the bodygyro the player will turn because that the part that is turning is not anchored the (CFrame)
Is just to make the body gyro work

Search for BodyGyro in the DevHub

But you are telling me how rotate the Part, what is I already know. I use rotVelocity in my scripts. The problem is that the Part needs to have a fixated positions (hanging somewhere in air) that won’t change. I can’t use “Anchored” property, because that breaks physics.

Yes and if you use a BodyGyro the part will stay in the air (remember not Anchored)

I just used BodyGyro on my part and it did fall and move as usual.

But wait with the body gyro insert a body position
The BodyGyro is for the part to turn
And the BodyPosition is for the part to stay in the air

I believe WeldConstraint would be an optimal option for this

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WeldConstraint is a Hard constraint between parts. It doesn’t really help here.

Listen insert a body position and let it in the part
Then insert a BodyGyro with a script that will activate the BodyGyro with CFrame

I don’t think so. For Position I need constraint and not a force.

Wait you want a rotating part that is in the air and can carry a player right?

I am opening roblox studio to try finding a way to turn a part in the air

Yes, but

  1. BodyPosition is a Force. I don’t think forces should be used where a constraint is needed.
  2. It doesn’t work anyway. I just added it to a Part and if fell down to ground as usual.

Oh I know why it didn’t work fo you