An audio upload limit is detrimental to game development -- do not implement it

The issue at hand

If you have not seen already, Roblox is making changes to the way audio uploading functions.

‘Removing barriers,’ and then putting a different and worse one. Roblox is implementing an audio upload limit of 100 assets per month, with no way of raising this.

Introduction with examples

As a developer striving to create professional work, this is a detrimental blow to my experiences. For example, let’s consider what it takes to add a weapon to a first person shooter (at bare minimum):

  • About one firing sound
  • Mag out and mag in sound
  • Foley inspect sounds
  • Other inspect sounds
  • Equip sound
  • Bolt back and bolt forward sound / pump sound

This ends up being about 10 sounds per single weapon. If I make an update to my game by adding, let’s say… 3 guns?.. I’ve already used 30% of my limit.

When applying for the Accelerator program, just one game demo had dozens of sounds, including footsteps, game sounds, etc.

It impacts our games

This is an awful change that will 100% impact not only my development workflow, but the quality of my experiences. No matter how much is added to the public library, there simply is not always something for everybody.

Video games stimulate two senses primarily: sight and sound. If we cannot have proper sounds to match our own visuals, then we lose quality in half of the sensory input, which leads to an overall less immersive experience.

It removes many developers’ jobs

A developer of mine that does both SFX and Music is considering leaving the Roblox platform over this change. Simply put, there will be almost no way to get any contract work when a.) the platform over-saturates and over-advertises free stuff, and b.) imposes a limit of 100 sounds per month, which in turn, limits how much contracting work I can deliver at a time.

Imposing a limit like this is destructive to countless sound designer and music composer jobs, and will hurt those people financially.

It fuels toxicity around price tags

I don’t quite understand where Roblox is going with their marketplace. On one hand, they are planning on allowing developers to sell any development content, such as models and plugins; on the other, they implement changes such as this.

This may lead to intensified toxicity around putting prices on our assets, and in turn, make Roblox less of a place for us to freely market our value.

@boatbomber makes a fantastic statement on the current environment of the plugin marketplace, stating:

And finally, it pushes us away from the platform.

I seek to have video game development be my career. I’m passionate about programming, music design, art, and more. Roblox has been, in the past, a great outlet for me, and has given me a number of opportunities and respect I could have never imagined.

And yet, I’m not happy. As both an event organizer and developer, I’m becoming increasingly tempted to leave the platform for good, and moving my studio’s assets to alternative game engine and platform.

In short, changes have consequences for all of us developers. Poor choices DO chase us off.

Don’t like the limit? Let’s do something about it.

If you’re a fellow developer who is also irritated with these changes, then please, by all means, reply below with your own testimony, and please share with us how this affects you. If not, please spread this topic.

I hope that this limit can be removed, because at the end of the day, it hurts us all.



Behind the scenes upon release, Roblox implemented a higher limit for select developers. If you are a part of those select developers, your limit is 2000 audio uploads per month.


I’m curious, not only as to why this was done silently, but also why this was done for those select developers.

There are so many better solutions compared to what Roblox is doing right now. At minimum, maybe allow people to pay for uploaded audio after they reached their limit? The current direction is messy, and again, detrimental.

I don’t appreciate this gatekept approach to limits.


I mean… this doesn’t sound like an issue? As far as I can see this is the opposite point to what you think you’re making. You can create three guns with highly customised sounds and still have 70% of your upload limit left, for free.
Having worked on some major projects, they rarely launch with hundreds of sounds; and it’s not a huge difficulty to plan ahead if you need more sounds and upload them earlier in development. Nobody is making a game requiring 100s of sounds in under a month.


On the contrary, that’s very bad. The other 70% can very quickly be used by UI, foley, nature, interaction, and other small details. I often create experiences that require hundreds of sounds.


And you create them in under a month?

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Correct, I do. Depending on the month, I upload around 50-250 sounds.


Any idea on how to become a select developer? An application? Or I suppose I just need to be successful. Ironically I am trying to make a gun engine and I require much more than 100 sounds a month.

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According to other users, it’s based on whether you’ve DevEx’d or not. Take that with many grains of salt because there is nothing to confirm this.


Alright, thank you for the advice, btw, I like your games.


I am able to confirm this is not the case since i do not devex.


Could be a visits thing, kind of like the new, well not really new anymore, award crowns for visits

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Indeed!, I Always Suffer Finding The Good Sound When I Reached Limit Of Audio Upload :confused:

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Yeah same here! i want to upload lots of audio how dare you roblox for giving us this unfair audio uploading limit

I really hope this stupid audio limit that comes with the audio moderation update will go away!
I really hate this AUDIO LIMIT

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If they don’t get rid of this audio update I’ll leave this platform and I’ll take my things somewhere else

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I found a workaround. You can put all sounds into one .mp3 or .ogg file and upload it to roblox, then in studio you can adjust the PlaybackRegion to only play the specified timeframe.

Advantages: Just like you would normally upload sounds, you can upload it to Roblox provided all guidelines are met (eg. it’s not copyrighted(or you are granted permission) and its appropriate), and you can theoretically even put more sounds on the platform by doing this.

Disadvantages: You will need to spend time in studio to tweak the audio.