An easier way to upload your assets on Creator Dashboard!

Hey Creators!

Excited to share another announcement for the Creator Hub to wrap up our 2022! We have just released a super quick and easy way to upload your assets on Creator Dashboard.

You can now drag and drop files directly into Dashboard, configure it there and then, and get it uploaded immediately! Depending on the file type, you can decide what asset type it is before uploading it, no matter what page you’re uploading it from. At launch, we’re supporting Audio, Decals, Pants, Shirts, and T-Shirts, with many other asset types coming next year.

Additional asset types aren’t the only thing coming next year; we’re continuing to invest across the board, so you can expect to see powerful additions such as multi-file upload in the future.

Let us know what you think!

Creator Content team


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Will we see the ability to upload plugins, models and meshes outside of Studio through their raw files (possibly even the internal roblox mesh format if it isn’t too niche)

As well as this, will the “Decal” asset type eventually be scrapped in favour of the image itself, considering decals are used nowhere on the engine except for it’s Enum reference in AssetType. Trying to design games with user-importable images is anoying because of this arbitrary Decal type from yester-years.

If removing the Decal assettype is too difficult, a ContentProvider API, where the underlying image ID is grabbed (which could be expanded to Shirt, Pants, T-Shirts etc.), would be enough to suffice


Will advertising management be moved to the Creator Dashboard instead of on the main website?


Light mode when?
This new system is a pain to work my way around due to contrast being poor in dark mode for me.


Excellent! I upload most of my game assets through the Asset Manager in Studio, but I still occasionally prefer to upload them from the website when I’m not currently in Studio.

As @metatablecat mentioned, I had this suggestion too, where we could upload relevant files for Models, like .rblxm or .rbxm. Meshes and Plugins would be nice as well.

While it’s not exactly related to the new feature, but instead viewing the assets page as a whole, could it be possible to not change the page’s size each time we iterate a page, or keep the canvas at the bottom if we’re at the bottom? I’d like to go back and view older images I uploaded, and this makes it more tedious.


It would also be very useful to have a search function and sort (Name, Creation Date | Ascending/Descending) so I can find specific assets I’m looking for faster. This would apply to all asset types (Game Passes, Products, Models, Images, Plugins, Meshes, etc)


We’re inching ever closer to a completely unified creator experience, but this brings up a few questions from me:

  1. Why was a Material Design-esque theme chosen for the dashboard?

  2. Previously, the Develop page / Creator Dashboard stuck out as the most antiquated page on the Roblox website. Now it has the exact opposite problem: instead of being the most outdated, it stands out as the most modern part of the website; are there possibly any plans to expand the theme and its much nicer single-page architecture to the rest of the Roblox website, with some polishing up? At this point why not take it to Studio as well?

  3. When will you fix this Translator Portal bug?


Hi there, thanks for another amazing update to the creator page!

Anyways, I know this may seem irrelevant, but will the Roblox website ever be getting a style upgrade like this?

And lastly, will the decal asset type ever be scrapped in favor of the image asset type? This has been requested years ago, and it seems unnecessary to have an extra data type that has no purpose other than existing.


I would like to-be able to flip to a certain page, I have a lot of assets, and just flipping through every page 1, waiting for it to load, is for me torment. Or add some filters to search


Will we ever be able to search for development items by id or name?
Not easy finding the image you want when you upload 10+ of the same images.
(I make textures and make a lot of revisions before i’m happy)
It’s pretty much impossible to archive when my assets get stolen.


That’s an awesome update. The only thing that kinda annoys me is the weird padding on the interface


This is a pretty nice update, I’ve been waiting for drag and drop for years, plus we can finally upload in dark mode I guess (although rip to light mode users).

Also, the fact that multi-file upload is coming is amazing, I currently have to use Chrome extensions to achieve this, or the other solution is Studio.


well i hope u dont get rid of the old or I’m quitting


Well I guess this is good bye because they are sunsetting the old one:

On a side note, it’s disappointing that lots of people get mad at Roblox over the dumbest things :confused:


Somewhat related to asset uploading; it would be great if we could directly upload assets using the Asset Manager without having to be on a published game. Currently, it’s a bit cumbersome to go on a baseplate and try some new textures just to realize I forgot to open another game to upload an asset from studio. I could use the site, however the website is too slow and clunky for my liking so it’s more convenient to do it directly in Studio.


See you in a week! :wave:

Glad to see this new change. Way cleaner and easier to navigate minus the above-mentioned UX annoyances.


Looks good, just think there should be somewhere what type of files are allowed (as it’s not possible to view trough drag and dropping), and actually show an error when you try to upload an incorrect format, as right now it just goes red and doesn’t really say much about why it didn’t upload


Don’t think I like this - It adds significant time to the existing workflow.

What was “drag, click upload”, is now “drag, scroll down, click upload”. When uploading ~300 files at once, this time/tediousness adds up.

Would it be possible to make it so the upload buttons are always visible/anchored to the bottom or something so the scroll isn’t needed?

Might need to make a bug report for this:
We have around 4000 Audio files uploaded to the group. We can see none or 5 under archived.

This is a major concern if the classic develop page is going away.


How convenient!
Will we eventually also be able to remove/delete assets we no longer use?
I still have an inventory full of assets I wish to never use again and feel like archiving them is not enough (besides I don’t think Roblox has infinite storage on their servers).

Its nice but it would also be nice to continue to use the old way too some things are just better there.

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