An Error Occurred In Avatar Shop On Roblox Website

Hello everyone,

Here is the report of a patient I found on the Roblox website:


Where the error occurred, link:
Official Roblox website >avatar shop - Link
When the bug started: 01.13.2022
Frequency of bug: Always
Impact state of the bug: Medium
Screenshot of the bug:

Additional explanation: The bug occurs on the website. The “Show” and “Hide” options under “Unavailable Items” don’t work. (Unable to purchase items appear.)

I hope the bug will be resolved as soon as possible. :innocent:



Added: Bug in these indicators apply to all categories of avatar accessories.

An Error Occurred In Avatar Shop On Roblox Website

Title is incredibly vague, please make it specific.

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Hi @Utk4_e

Sorry for not updating you!

We are not able to reproduce the issue anymore, we assume it got fixed eventually!
Can you let us know if it’s still happening on your end?

Use this please “@”, thank you!

@Focia19 Yes, good to see Roblox team working after 1 year. Finally an employee was able to get back to me and bug fixed. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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