An updated badge template

The badge template is pretty outdated, could we perhaps get a more improved version?

This is what it looks like now.


I have made a more updated template, and one with the Roblox letter O included.


I hope it could get updated soon, as it is so outdated.


Whether it’s in the middle, I don’t care too much, but that resolution/AA though.


Yeah turns out that the pixels were actually correct, just I thought they weren’t cause I accidentally opened the image on a 150x149 canvas, whoops.


Could AA cause issues with bleeding black on the edges? (In cases where the creator doesn’t fill the entire circle)


I could make the circle smaller

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I think you’d have to make the circle larger actually (if it’s even a problem). Regardless, it looks way better.


It’s a sort of alpha mask so the hard cut-off is indication of what will and won’t be shown and should not be made smooth, unless you want a template that slightly smooths out the border of whatever you put it. But I don’t know why you would need that, you can do that yourself too in your badge images if you really want to.


Definitely looks more crisp, it’s a minor change but it’d be helpful. I personally think shirt and pant templates could do with an overhaul too.


Will this ever change?

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Does changing the template actually change anything related to how the image would be rendered ingame? What problem does changing the template solve?

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It makes the badge much easier to make, in my honest opinion. I use my badge template more than roblox’s supplied one

In all honesty, you aren’t uploading (or you shouldn’t be) the badge with the template on it, the template is a rough guide on the size.

I really don’t think this needs to be updated since it’s purely aesthetic.

I always assumed that the template is unaliased because it represents the cutoff for where the image will be clipped. When the edge is aliased, I can;t tell if those pixels are inside or outside of the area that will be cutout.

This template is only used to unambiguously tell people which pixels are used and which aren’t. Smoothing it out would cause some ambiguity–do we use that pixel or no? If so, you’ll get a faint black outline around your badge. This matters because they will be seen against a white background.

Ideally you’d be working in an environment as close to the site as possible, so try to use an alpha mask against a white background during the editing process and delete the mask prior to upload. We take care of clipping and AA for you.


I could see how an overall higher badge image resolution would make it easier, but how would a new template make it easier to make a badge?

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Because the pixels can be an issue and can be annoying to work with. I find it annoying to look at myself.

We should just remove the circle template and give users the freedom to design badges however they want. It doesn’t prevent me from uploading square badges within the circle, so I don’t see any reason to prevent people from using the full template.


Personally, I think having a resolution increase for the Badge Template would be a big improvement.

Currently, Badges do not use up most of their white space, thus making badge icons on the Badge’s page look extremely small.


I think a size of 1080 x 1080 or 512 x 512 would work out fine to solve this problem.


I wonder why badges have to be circular? I want to use the whole rectangle for my achievement icons. If I want to make it a circle, I’ll make it a circle myself, but I don’t want to be restricted to a circle. We can make this backwards compatible by processing all existing badge sources to cut off the circular portion still, and icons going forward can just use the full space.

Besides, even without the backwards compatibility, active games will just reupload the badges with the new format to match, so this should not be a major issue even if you just completely remove the circular clipping today.