Analytics: Audience Demographics for your Experience

Hi creators,

We’re back with another analytics update! Today, we’re excited to launch a new Audience page that lets you break down your experience’s monthly active users (MAU) by country, language, age, and gender. You can use this data to prioritize content updates and get brand sponsors.

To view your Audience page:

  1. Navigate to your Creator Dashboard and select your experience.
  2. Select Audience in the Analytics section.

At the top of the page, you’ll see your experience’s total MAU for the most recent date (you can change the date to up to 90 days ago). Below total MAU, you’ll see breakouts by:


Use this chart to:

  1. See a world map that includes all countries. Hover over a country to see the MAU count.
  2. View the top 10 countries by percent of total MAU. Hover over a bar to see the MAU count.
  3. Download a CSV to get a list of all countries with MAU count.

Gender and age

Use these charts to view the age and (for the first time) gender distribution of your players. Hover over a bar to see the total MAU count.

For privacy purposes, we do not show this data if you have less than 3 MAU per age or gender segment.


You can use this chart to track the language distribution of your players. If you haven’t already, consider localizing your experience for the top languages shown.

Take action with the audience page

Here are some ways to use this data to improve your experience:

  1. Prioritize content that your audience might be interested in.
  2. Localize your experience for your audience.
  3. Share this data with potential brand sponsors.

Check out our Audience page documentation for more details.

Help us build analytics with the community

As always, leave a note below if you have any questions or comments, and fill out this quick form to join our creator analytics community to build analytics with us.


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It is a very useful update. This was expected to come. Thanks!


Very great update in all ways, especially the languages stat. This will allow us to translate our games to which language is actually most used there, minimizing hassle.


Loving this feature, and all the other analytic features we have been getting recently.

When viewing the metric data for this on my Experience, I get an error for language data!

Here’s the network request that goes through as well:

The Experience ID is 3666294218 if that is needed as well!


Language chart should be fully working now, let us know if that’s not the case.


Been looking forward to this, very nice stuff! The improved analytics over the past weeks especially has been a real boon to my development, and this once again opens up new ways to improve. Also fun to confirm my expectation of having a huge gender disparity in my game.


Sweet! It’s nice that Gender is finally exposed, as it has mostly been a mystery to me ever since the days of Azure PlayFab integration. The map chart is a really nice touch as well.

As others have mentioned, the Language chart is broken for me too. It appears that “Most Recent” breaks it, as selecting it will cause any data to fail to load. If you select a “x Days Ago” option, and reload, it works until you select “Most Recent” again.


Another great thing what we can use to improve our experiences. :clap:
As Czech translator I will definitely use this.


Hey, I sent in a form, but instead of sending in an experienced link, I sent in my UGC Catalog. I’d love to see some analytics surrounding UGC Accesories before a Public UGC release and would love to work with Roblox on giving input as a UGC Creator.


With all of these analytics updates, every single update has brought me immense joy and has been such an extremely helpful tool

This is just another example. Thank you personally for improving analytics for all developers


Another amazing update from the Analytics Team. You all of been killing it lately. Extremely useful information, excited to put it to good use.


This is very great and helpful! This should help us save some time and money that we may spend on sponsor test ads. Thanks alot guys.


Thanks analytics team! Continue to push out needed improvements and new features, it’s much appreciated!


Yeah, I’ve been waiting for such an experience analytics update for a long time and it’s finally here! It’s really good that developers have access to this information


Love it! I come from the mobile game space, and I’ve always wondered if we could get a simple “Lifetime value” stat for experiences?

Lifetime value is the big decision making stat in mobile gaming, it’s used to figure out how much money we can afford to spend on things like user acquisition and really shows the financial health of a project over time.

Would it be possible to get something like total income / unique users over the last 30 days?


I believe that you should be able to run the math yourself with existing data:

(Analytics > Monetization > Daily Revenue > Total over selected period using Date Range = Last 30 days) / (Analytics > Engagement > MAU > last day’s data point)


This bug should be fixed now. You will be able to see the Language graph. There was a data issue.


Great update! I’ve always loved statistics


Awesome update! Excited to see what’s next for analytics. Any chance we get to log custom stuff like in-game shop purchases ourselves anytime soon?