Analytics Dashboard - New KPIs & Lower Enrollment Threshold & More

Hi developers,

We are excited to announce that the Analytics Dashboard has added three new KPIs to help you make data-driven decisions. What’s more, the automatic enrollment threshold has been lowered from 600 DAUs to 500 DAUs, which means additional thousands of experiences are now eligible to leverage the new dashboard!

New KPIs

There are two new KPIs – MAU and Average Session Time – added for Engagement and one new KPI – Week1 Retention – for Retention.

MAU (Monthly Active User)

  • Definition: Number of unique players who joined the game at least once in the past 30 days.

    • Note this metric is based on the rolling 30-day period, not the calendar month, and updated on a daily basis. You can get MAU for each calendar month by looking at data on the first day of each month, e.g. 4/1 for March MAU.
  • How to use: Like DAU, MAU is a common engagement KPI that indicates your experience’s scale and growth trend in a longer period of time. MAU can be maintained or grown by providing regular updates that motivate your players to continue staying in the experiences and addressing any issues that cause players to leave (such as bugs that cause crashes or buggy states). You can also calculate the DAU/MAU ratio by downloading the data. The ratio can be interpreted as the percentage of days in a month that an average player plays your experience or as the percentage of your monthly players that play your experience every day. If your DAU/MAU ratio is high, that means that players are frequently engaging with your experience throughout the month.

Average Session Time

  • Definition: The average time a player stays in your experience per session and is calculated by total playtime divided by the number of sessions on each day.

    • Note: If your experience has multiple places and a player teleports among them without leaving your experience, the system will count it as a single session. If a player joins your experience multiple times a day, each visit will be a unique session.
    • The session time will be the sum of the time spent in each of the places the player visited, which will give you a full picture of how long your player engaged in one visit.
  • How to use: Average session time measures how long a user plays each time they visit your experience. You can compare it with your expectations based on your game design and genre. Breaking it down by age group, platform, etc. will give you an idea of where to iterate your content. It can be used together with D1 retention as an early indicator of your long-term retention.

W1 (Week 1) Retention

  • Definition: Percentage of new players in Week0 (D0-D6) who also played at any point during Week1 (D7-D13).

  • How to use: W1 Retention is a good metric to track if you are interested in building a more casual experience, i.e. something that players play on and off over time. Similar to D7 retention, a low or declining W1 retention can indicate that there are issues with your first-time player experience or initial progression curve.

Lowered Enrollment Threshold

As mentioned in the past announcement, we will keep scaling our system to enroll more experiences. The previous threshold was a minimum of 600 DAUs and 600 hours total playtime for an experience to be eligible for the new dashboard. Now as long as your experience has at least 500 DAUs and 500 hours total playtime consecutively in the past seven days, it will automatically be eligible.

Note you still need to activate the dashboard to see the metrics. Check out our previous post to learn more.

Usability Improvement

Thanks to the feedback from the community, we have made a number of usability improvements:

  • The default date range is 28 days instead of 7 days so that you can see week-over-week trends.
  • The date range and breakdown are now persistent across pages so you don’t need to change it again when switching pages.
  • The KPI breakdown dropdown is now called “Breakdown by” so it’s easier to understand.


We hope you enjoy this update and leverage the dashboard to bring your experiences to the next level! Please let us know if you have any feedback.

Cheers for better insights,

The Roblox Creator Services Team


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Just wondering when we can expect the monetisation menu to be added back?

Personally found the insights really valuable for the brief period it was accessible.


This is really awesome!! I love seeing MAU being added, and it would help make it more accessible to figure out what your MAU is for the crowns (that is when they start being handed out again), especially at the same time where it’s lowered a bit more.

I’m not entirely sure how accurate the Average Session Time is though, and I’m not sure if I have anything very accurate to compare it to.

My game states its average session time is 6 minutes. My game relies extremely on a universe model, in my case there’s a Hub (start place) that has an average of 1 minute playtime. The main starting place most players are in which all new players can access usually had 12-14 minutes average playtime. This only ever increases for the other places that require higher levels in the game.

Three other websites usually tell me it’s more than this. Rolimon’s gives me a range from 10-12 minutes. RTrack tells me ~14 minutes. RoMonitor ~13 minutes. I understand these sources may not be too accurate, but when the old Developer Stats page was visible for per-place analytics, it seemed to give me figures like these for my places.

I’m not entirely sure what to expect, especially considering I’ve noticed PlayFab analytics to be inaccurate at tracking session time in the past. I could be mistaken, maybe this is what I’m actually getting, it just does feel quite strong of a deviant?

I don’t know if this is an accurate way to calculate it, but when I multiply average Total Playtime by 60, and then divide that by average Sessions, it gives me ~15 minutes.

Really awesome though, thank you so much for these new additions! I am just quite cautious to make sure the data I see is entirely accurate, especially considering most games aren’t affected as much as I am by the chance of inaccurate playtime information.

@LuaBearyGood I actually didn’t know that page existed yet! I was able to find it here:`

Which is quite interesting considering when the Compute page was taken off, I was shortly unable to access it. Excited for more insights on monetization!


Whats the difference in Average Visit Length and Average Session Length?

This looks really cool! Are there any plans to add custom events using something like AnalyticsService?

The previous post mentioned this:

Who can activate and view the dashboard?

  • Only owner of the game or the group will see the activation button. Please reach out to your group owner if you believe your game is eligible. To view the dashboard, you must have game edit permissions. We’re working on a separate permission to have granular control. Stay tune!

I confirmed that the group owner of the game I work on is able to view these analytics, however I am unable to, even though I have edit access to the game. Is this a bug? All the modules on the /analytics/retention page say

User does not have permissions on this resource.

I am able to view the standard developer stats on the /stats page normally, though.

Hi @BusyCityGuy I think you need to ask the group owner to turn on the role permission for your team in this experience.
See this post for details

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Hi @Evercyan I checked the logic and we believe the sessions definition right now is every teleport will be counted as one single session. This might be confusing and wrong.
Our team will take a further look and see if we should update some wording to make it less confused. Thanks for reporting this.


I’m a bit confused. The op post states this:

If they’re being teleported to a place within the same experience, shouldn’t this only count as a singular session?

I’m actually kind of hyped for this as I requested something similar in the recent past, but at its current state it seems like something might be off. I am having similar issues as @Evercyan described, where I have an average visit length with more time than the session time… which… doesn’t really make a lot of sense?

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@dragonknightflies How can I view these changes in dev stats?

Few metrics are shown to me when I open dev stats in creator dashboard for:

Are these changes not yet out?

I believe those two terms are synonymous.

Hi @NoAlias I checked that both of these two experiences are able to enroll. I think you just need to let the group owner for the game to go to creator dashboard.
Go to the page of the experience you mentioned above and finish the agreement then the metrics will start to show for you.
For detailed steps you can check this post
[New KPIs and Lower Enrollment] Announcing the Analytics Dashboard - Measure, Track, & Make Data-Driven Decisions

But the menu that showed ram (memory) and cpu usage and stuff like that on your game servers

This confused me a lot as well, but on the bright side the average session time I’m receiving looks to be accurate now. Are you still having the same issue or is this resolved? (Just to help the engineers)

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@Evercyan @MetatableIndex We discussed in the team and we think it makes sense that teleporting across different places within the same experience should be counted as 1 session. If you teleport out of the experience and teleport back in, it will be 2 different sessions as you leave the experience once.
We have fixed the issue and the data has been corrected. Now if you go to the creator dashboard and check the average session time again it should be based on the definition described above.

Thanks for reporting this issue and let us know if you have any other questions.

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I can access Developer Stats but it doesn’t actually show on the side? I’m a developer for the group that owns the game.
Will this be changed to allow non-group owners to check? I’m the one who mostly solo develops this game.

Do you have the “View group experience analytics” permission in your group role? If not, pls ask your group owner to turn that on for you. More details can be found here: [New KPIs and Lower Enrollment] Announcing the Analytics Dashboard - Measure, Track, & Make Data-Driven Decisions

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I’m wondering how can I see the tier my benchmarking is on?
I just now noticed the KPIs have a benchmark and our game surpassed them by far on all KPIs
why is it not showing the next tier? surely our game is not on the top tier

DAU for example, even during the outage when almost no one could play we had more DAU than the benchmark it shows on our dashboard.

If I had to guess, id say your game is probably just reallllly awesome.