Analytics: Real Time Performance Monitoring and User Metrics

I think that games above 1000 daily active users will definitely use it. For example, I’ve already used it multiple times on my games that have over 1000 daily active users.

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Yet again a good feature that has an annoying cap placed on it :skull:

I really don’t know why you would cap it 1K+ DAU, there are so many nieche games that maybe only have 500+ DAU.

Please remove the cap, it’s just stupid as this feature is really useful.

Is it normal for others that server memory usage drops massievly and slowly increases after each publish + migrate to the newest version or do I just have a memory leak in the game?

Same thing here, but Im not sure if its normal

They already mentioned they had some technical issues regarding this and will be working on that. Best read the thread if you have a complaint to see whether it is already adressed, saves everyone the hassle.


It is possible that you have a memory leak. Only way to really confirm is to stay in the gane for about an hour and compare starting MB to the MB values after the hour passes.

I can’t describe how happy I am with this :heart: :smile:

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Is it possible that you have objects being in created in your game that are not being removed which build up over time?

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yup, seems like particles weren’t deleted on server and stayed there even after they stopped playing, ouch
after fixing this memory still increases but way more slowly so probably I’ve got more issues to find, this update is very useful
red arrow is particle update fix


We have mitigated the issue by allowing viewing the URL directly for analytics page if they have the right permission.
We are working on supporting the navigation for people who have this permission as well. For now with the url they should be able to start to look at all the metrics.
Please let us know if there is anything else wrong.


great!! thank you for getting this fixed!

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Not one thousand users at a time, but 1000 daily active users.

I think the figure should be lowered, but at least that figure is reasonably attainable. One of my small games has gotten 1k+ visits several days in the past but has been averaging 400 recently. I spent some robux on sponsors in order to get the performance stats and I was quickly granted the stats.

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I’m really excited to use this feature, thanks so much!

Thanks everyone for your feedback. A few updates:

  1. The performance page is now available to all experiences with 100+ daily active users (previously it was 1,000+ DAU). Note that this is daily active so the concurrent user requirement is much lower.
  2. We are working on adding client metrics and crash rates to this page in June. Server memory usage by service is also in plan for later this summer.

We also partially fixed this bug where you can’t see analytics even with group analytics permissions. Now you can visit it if you have a direct URL to the analytics page and by next week we’ll make sure the pages show up on the left nav as well.

Launching is just the first step for us, improving the product based on all your feedback is what matters. If you’d like to build analytics with our team please fill out this form to join our analytics creator community.


Very nice Update! NowI just hope I can lower this :sweat_smile, and I really want to see client metrics and crash rates, could be very helpful!

Is there a reason this page has completely disappeared from my stats dashboard?

My side bar suddenly has better organization than before, but the real-time performance dashboard has completely disappeared. I’m getting the same behavior on two separate accounts.

This page was extremely useful and something that I needed access to today. For the first time in months my game had over 3000 concurrent players and I wanted to see how long we sustained that for, but I couldn’t without this tool.

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this is a bug, I have let the team know.

Yep happened to me to as well not sure whats up

Hi @gamers961 do you see the performance page now or is it still missing?