Analytics: View Your User Acquisition by Roblox Channel & Platform [Full Release]

Hi Creators,

In December, we introduced the Acquisition page to show you where new users are coming from and how well they’re converting to players. Today, we’re taking this page out of beta and adding:

  1. Acquisition breakdown by platform
  2. Acquisition breakdown by Roblox channel

If you’re interested in giving feedback on our upcoming analytics products, please fill out this quick form to join our creator analytics community.

Acquisition breakdown by platform

Previously, we only showed acquisition metrics for mobile phones and tablets. Now you can breakdown these metrics by multiple platforms:

  1. Desktop
  2. Phone
  3. Tablet

Acquisition breakdown by Roblox channel

Previously, you could see acquisition data for broad Roblox channels like Search & Discovery, Sponsored Ads, and Cross Experience Teleport. You asked for a more detailed breakdown, so the data is now split by:

  1. Home
  2. Friends
  3. Search
  4. Sponsored Ads
  5. Teleport
  6. Other

Improve your conversion rates from Roblox channels

You can improve your end-to-end conversion rates (impressions that resulted in a play session divided by total impressions) by making sure that your experience icon, title, and description are accurate and engaging.

Use the chart below to track how changes to your experience metadata impact your conversion rates.

How to visit the new acquisition page

To visit the new Acquisition page:

  1. Visit your Creator Dashboard.
  2. Select one of your experiences.
  3. In the left nav, select the Acquisition page in the Analytics section.

Also be sure to check out our new Acquisition documentation which explains how you can take action to improve acquisition and grow your experience.

What’s next?

While we can’t share much, just know we have a lot more exciting updates coming to analytics very soon. Stay tuned!

Please share your feedback and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you.


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Would love to have analytics like these for groups.



Would be great to have an idea of what’s currently grouped under “Other / Unknown” since for some of our games it makes up a huge cut of new users.



Thanks Alex! Agreed, this is something we plan to work on next.


Awesome update!

I was wondering if you have any plans to incorporate funnel statistics for User Ads? It would be extremely helpful for me to be able to track the conversion rate of users who click on my Ad and become players. Currently, I am unable to accurately measure this and it is hindering my ability to optimize my ad campaign.


Great improvements!

But what about the Discover tab and " Recommended Experiences" under game pages? Is that included under “Unknown” as of now?


Awesome update!

Can we expect some kind of custom analytics feature in the future to track stats like “Item Purchases”? I think that could be really useful for balancing our games.


nice now i can see 0 people playing my games on a this thx


I was just thinking earlier how nice it would be to see who joined from their friends. Loving these updates to help us base where our players are joining from!


Great question - both Discover tab and Game Page recommendations are now part of the Search bucket.


On the page, you can see new users and conversion rate for Sponsored Ads in the table and the charts. We’ll discuss how we can make it easier for you to view Sponsored Ads conversion rate over time.


In the meantime, can you give us any insight as to what some of the things included under “Unknown” might be?

Would that currently include coming from an external URL?

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Don’t give up! Everyone has to start from somewhere :fire:


Hi just wondering why its not showing for me?
Is there a list of requirements or is it not out for everyone yet?

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Thank you for this, certainly going in the right direction.
Proper definitions would be in order - eg. exactly what is meant by “Home”? Members of the same household - same IP - maybe alts?
What totally escapes me is the breakdown of Impressions defined as “your content displayed per traffic source”. a) we are talking games (newspeak: experiences) only, not any other kind of content, right? b) Impressions could be broken to where they appreared - which section, or sponsored impressions, but “traffic source”? What do you mean by traffic here?

Could it be that only for my game the number of new visitors jumps up every weekend, while for the benchmarked games it is more or less flat accross the whole week?

There is something seriously wrong with that benchmark line. All games go up in weekend. Roblox in general has more players in the weekend. I really do not understand where that benchmark comes from.


I think it’s like 30 day average, then it would make sense