User Acquisition Dashboard for Creator Analytics [Beta]

Hi Creators,

We’re thrilled to announce that the User Acquisition Dashboard is now available as a public beta to all experiences with 10+ DAUs! This dashboard gives Creators visibility about where your users are coming from and how they convert.

What’s New

The User Acquisition Dashboard aims to give you an end-to-end view of your user acquisition funnel, which typically has 3 steps:

  1. Users being exposed to your experience (impression)
  2. Visit your game detail page
  3. Play your experience (game session).

Currently, the data is limited to mobile phones and tablets only. We’ll expand to cover other platforms such as web and desktop in 2023.

To make it easy to understand and more actionable, we decide to exclude the traffic from the “Continue” row on the home page as well as “Join friends and from chat”, and group the rest of the funnels into 4 categories:

  • Search & Discovery (S&D) includes traffic from home sorts, recommended for you, search, and the discover page.

  • Sponsored Ads refer to the traffic from the sponsored section on the homepage.

  • Cross Experience Teleport means the traffic coming from another experience via teleport.

  • Other includes all other traffic that cannot be attributed or unknown sources, including traffic from external sources. If your experience has lots of external sources, you may see a high bar for this category.

Please note that we are planning to expand the categories in future releases.

The dashboard includes 4 charts and a table:

  • Game sessions per source break down the daily sessions by the categories above, which gives you a sense of where your converted traffic is coming from.

  • New users chart serves the same purpose as game sessions but focuses on newly converted users only so that you can measure your user acquisition effectiveness.

  • Impressions let you understand where your experience is exposed. If you run ads or improve certain aspects of your experience such as engagement, you may see changes in corresponding types of impressions.

  • Search & discovery conversion tracks the conversion rate from impression to game detail page, detail page to play, and end-to-end (E2E) conversion. To leverage it, you can experiment with different combinations of thumbnails and experience names, and measure the results using the corresponding metrics (in this case, impression CVR).

The table aggregates the metrics over the selected period of time to give you a summary of the performance:

For sponsored ads attribution, we use a 1-day window for views (i.e. see your ad) and a 28-day window for clicks (i.e. see & click your ad). This means if a user clicked your ad but didn’t play your experience on day 1, for example, and then came back and played it through Search on day 6, this user and session will be attributed to sponsored ads instead of Search. Due to such reasons, you may see conversion rates go over 100% in some cases.

To get started, go to Creator Dashboard, choose an experience with 10+ DAUs, and then click “User Acquisition” under “Analytics” on the left navigation bar. Check out our official documentation to learn more.

Cheers to more insights,
The Creator Analytics Team


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Although please can 'Search & Discovery be a lot more specific, It would be really useful to know what users were coming from search, and then which from reccomended for you and other set sorts


While this is a welcome feature and a good start, grouping all of the data from all sources on the website in to one category makes it near useless.

We are basically asking the questions: “Where does our traffic come from?” and the data is answering: “Yes”.


More stuff to work with, more details about our players! Thanks!

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This is awesome. I agree with the previous replies that the categories should be more specific. E.g. the “Search & Discovery” should not group together both searching and finding the experience through the games page. There should be separate categories for the different sorts and a single search page category.

As of right now, I can’t seem to change the “Platform” dropdown and its stuck on mobile only.

I glossed over the post mentioning that other platforms won’t be available until next year in my rush to read the post and get back to work. My bad.


Can a category be added for users that join via a Developer Deeplink?


Could we get this for UGC assets too? Lots of creators would love to know if their sales on individual items are coming from the avatar shop, sponsors/ads or in-game sales


I dont appear to have access to this, it just tells me “User does not have permissions on this resource.”
even though i have team create access to the game.


Perhaps your team does not turn on the analytics permission for you.
You could refer to this post

If it has been turned on but you still have no access, then maybe your experience is not above 10 DAU for 7 days yet. Please let me know if you still have trouble viewing the data.


The changes of discovery affecting many experiences can be seen in the new analytics. There was a significant search & discovery player loss as soon as November hit that lasted until now. I didn’t know why exactly, but the new analytic chart showed this unexpected behavior. The traffic was more consistent in the previous months. Over 50% of the traffic is just gone out of nowhere.


This brings up some questions. What if a player joins an experience from multiple methods in the same day? (Search, continue, ads, off-platform links, etc.) Would the most recent method be shown or the first action?

Also, I feel it would be better to show that the player actually played the game from search and have a marking to show that the player also saw an ad. A little icon, that when hovered, displays some info or something.


Since they are measuring sessions, not DAU, they will be counted twice.


Needs to be more granular. Wow my players are finding my game from Search and Discovery? Who’d have thought it?

I want to know if they found it through
i) Recently Played / Continue
ii) Friend Activity
iii) My group / profile
iv) Recommended sort on homepage
v) Recommended sort on related game
vi) “Discover” page (and what sort)
vii) Actual search (what search terms?)

This is a start, but it’s miles away from being useful.

Also one of my games has a conversion rate of 21 million percent…




Some other sources of user acquisition could include from friends (joining friends, friend sent you the game in the chat on the home page, etc.). I think it’s a big enough source to make it its own thing. In fact, I don’t think the categories should be vague like this, there are soooooooo many ways people can find your game and we need it to be specific so the data can be helpful

again thank you so much this is probably one of the best updates ever


Great addition to the analytics, and will definitely come in handy. However, I wish the details were more specific. For example, I would like to know how many come from player joins, continue playing, recommended, etc.

This is a great feature, but keep working on it! It’s not done yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Love to see more data and transparency and hope to see more and more tools in the future! Thank you!


I’m so excited to see this implemented, Great job!


The first version of these reports are limited to mobile traffic. We’ll expand to web and desktop traffic early next year.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll be adding more breakdowns in the coming months, so please stay tuned.