< and > keys not moving camera

I’ve used this feature since I first started playing ROBLOX, have they removed it? It is literally the one thing that I use the most to look around and change which direction I am looking at.

Normally, I would press either of these keys and the camera would pivot left/right around the CameraSubject however now, it doesn’t do that anymore and multiple people have also come forward and said that they are experiencing the same issue.

It began occuring around 2 days ago, and is consistent and does not go away.

It happens on every single game too.

Anybody else? This is a really useful/important feature to many people!


< and > are extremely inefficient for rotating the camera – the equivalent of using arrow keys instead of WASD for movement. You should probably use the trackpad on your laptop.


I believe they’ve been discussing removing this which I honestly find extremely upsetting. I use this feature constantly, and despite what Echo says, it can be extremely useful at times.

If I was Roblox I would of removed it by default in 2020+ places, but added a client option to toggle it similar to the Shift Lock Switch. And then added an option to StarterPlayer named “LegacyCameraRotation” or something


I do agree, this might be even a lifesaver for some people, maybe it’s removed


I have a gaming keyboard and mouse setup, I use my steering wheel to drive on my driving game and I use < and > to quickly pivot, I don’t tend to play anything else.


Correct, that’s a good solution to people who like it/dont’t like it, and should at least be discussed.


I was just about to post about the same issue. I used this feature to align my character at 45 degree angles which was pretty useful, it’s sad to see it removed when I doubt it really took any effort to keep.

It was also good when you’re only using one hand on the keyboard while you’re eating and you needed to turn.


I thought I was the only one experiencing this, I even tried reinstalling Roblox as I didn’t bother searching it up. I used the < and > keys to position my character straight in first-person mode or using the shiftlock key too. I’m not too sure about if they’ve removed it or not but this was a feature I used on a daily basis.


I know, it’s just another feature that wasn’t causing any problems but still got the cut :frowning:


It has most definitely been removed, but I don’t understand why they haven’t documented it or said something about its removal? I think a vote to remove it should be announced.

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Yeah, I haven’t seen anything about removal for sure but I didn’t bother searching it up until I saw this thread. I actually used these keys for direct turning whilst driving in vehicles too, it was helpful and helped with accuracy instead I guess.

I think an option should be a thing, especially for games that encourage movement with these keys.


This is your opinion and it does not invalidate the use cases for the navigation keys - I used these keys subconsciously all the time, specifically in situations where I was typing a lot while navigating my avatar. Also, as mentioned, when using Roblox without a mouse I used the , and . keys to navigate my camera constantly because laptop trackpads are awful.

This has been a feature for the longest time, and I personally find it quite useful. I hope this is a bug, and not an actual removal of the feature.


*Has started to work in a few games, anybody else noticing this working now? I’m able to use it perfectly fine here in this Jailbreak server but it might just be that it’s an older server, not sure. Hopefully this was just a bug?


I agree, it’s especially useful in those roleplay games which require you to line up and look perfectly straight forward N/E/S/W


Nope nothing… It hasn’t appeared in my game

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Definitely was just the older servers, it isn’t working for me at all now.


Guys… Release Notes for 402


< > are REALLY useful in obbies not the easy ones but the hard ones that make use of advanced tricks


Oh wow. I used these shortcuts frequently, it’s sad to see them go.


rest in peace shortcuts for camera movement :sob: