Android Teleport Failure

I was testing some stuff for a mobile version of my showcase, but it wouldn’t teleport the player when I played on mobile (to a special mobile version). At first I thought I was just scripting something wrong, but then I did a simple teleport for just any type of player (was checking if TouchEnabled before). I then found out it teleported me on pc but not on mobile (no gui, no nothing).

I have this place teleport the player once the game loads (no matter the platform).

EDIT: So I guess it happens on Android devices and this isn’t the first time someone has noticed it.

It works on iOS, but IIRC it’s pretty much broke on Android.

I’m indeed using an android tablet. Is there anyway I can fix this for other android players?

You would have to not use Teleport Service. Please add your voice to the thread: Universe teleportation is broken for Android Devices

I haven’t really worked with mobile teleporting so I don’t know. I normally would suggest you use OnTeleport and re-teleport if the state == failed, but unfortunately that’s broken right now and failing a teleport to a reserved server (if you’re using those) completely break teleporting:

If this is breaking teleporting on your tablet 100% you should make a ROBLOXCRITICAL bug report

I have seen quite a few complaints of the TeleportService being broken for Android. Even games like Pokemon Brick Bronze state that it is broken in the description. Maybe move this to bug reports?

I also don’t develop with the TeleportService. I find it unstable and fairly unsecure for passing data (as it is all client based).

They said there was supposed to be a fix out a while ago.

What ever the fix was it didn’t work. Now when I try to teleport in a game I am disconnected from the server while local code still runs, and am not even teleported into the new server.

Yeah something was stopping them. I’m wondering if they’re still working on it since it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything.