Animate multiple rigs at the same time using Animation Editor

Hello, Underrated here

And I’m tired of using separate rigs for animations and not getting the perfect or similar product I wanted when I fused the two animations together for a fighting animation and later on having to do some tweening to the other animation and then so on. So I’m wondering, for the animation editor, we could have an option to animate two rigs for the same time and at least have a built-in weld for tools because some people don’t even know how to animate tools properly (there are tutorials on youtube but not everyone wants to follow the same method or they can understand what to do in the tutorials, then people quit animating because it might be hard for them to get at the start).

I know you guys are saying But there is already another animation editor called “Moon Suite Animator. Not everyone can understand or get the tutorials for Moon Suite or maybe it’s a harder animator from the original Roblox Animation Editor for them

For Example: Me

I hope this can be read and understood by the community