Animated Ragdolls!

Animated Ragdolls!

This is something I have been searching for, and so have many others. So I just decided,

If you don’t know what this is, its basically Euphoria Ragdoll but for Roblox.
You might have seen this if you played GTA V.
When you fall, your character tries to protect itsself while falling.

You can even animate your own poses and stuff.

All you need to do is call the :build() method once making a new instance, call :attachAll(), and play an animation with the hints!

Animation Dummy: Active Ragdoll Animation Dummy - Roblox
Module: RagIK - Roblox


local RagIK = require(RAGIK_PATH)
local Mgr =

-- ragdoll the char
-- play the animation you created with the dummy
-- boom, posing ragdolls

Video Example:

Game Example:


Would you mind giving some videos on how it works on action?


30… charsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

looks like he’s doing the griddy in mid air


It seems like you forgot to set the module public?

oh my god i’m dumb. it’s fixed

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the dummy is not for sale…

ok now its actually fixed… dont know what went wrong

A nice improvement that can be added is the R6 support.


guys! your module that you just made public for free, can you… add r6 support??

This isn’t yours dude… It’s made by PSLOL2020 alteast give proper credit

yea i can, i’m doing it rn! i’ll be making a post about this

no no no, dont take my sarcasm as a call to action

But… it is mine?? I used spring constraints to move the limbs…

Yeah, i might do that. Was thinking of adding custom rig support

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what does that prove?

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Might just be me then, The animation dummy looks suspiciously similar.

Please look at the source code. I’ve looked at PS_LOL’s code and it uses a fairly similar technique to what I use, but that doesn’t mean I copied it. Coincidences happen.

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I’m confused, what folder does the script go to? (i.e. Starterplayer, etc.)
And where do I paste the animations IDs I saved to Roblox from the dummy?

anywhere, just require it

30 string charactf

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