Animating A Non Humanoid Character

I am trying to make player’s in my game crabs. Crabs aren’t humanoids so I was wondering how I would make the player into one and them still able to move and all.

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in order to use the animation plugin the models must have:

– a humanoid
– be rigged together (meaning welded and motor6D’ed)

I’ve seen games use non humanoid characters before though how did they do this?

have you been in their studio and seen that they arent humnoid characters because its pretty easy to hide any model can become a humanoid as long as you
put a humanoid in it
name a part “Torso”
name a part “Head”

and rig it as stated before.

You need to create those non human characters, using a plugin like this one RigEdit:

You need to place a humanoid in it of course! the character should have a HumanoidRootPart too, you will use the RigEdit plugin to bind all the parts you want to your model, many legs, arms, tails, heads etc. And the plugin will weld it and add the motor6D automatically.

After that, you just rename your character model to StarterCharacter and place it into the StarterPlayer Folder.

I will edit this post to give you some links and tutorials to help you with that. Dont worry its very simple.

Of course you need to create new custom animations for your own characters.

Mustang did a great tutorial about how to create a custom character, very simple (he’s even using that plugin):

Once you want to use those characters for players, check post about this, its very simple too.

We’ll be here if you have any doubts :3


Sorry for the necropost but your going to want to use an AnimationController. As far as I can remember you dont need a humanoid to animate.

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