Animating armeture with multiple meshparts

Heyy! All day, I’ve been working on a blender rig and it works fine on blender. But when I import it in Roblox studio, it does not work as intended. Basically, when I move a bone it’s supposed to move an eyelid and an eyelash at the same time. But in Roblox studio it just moves the eyelid and the eyelash stays in place and does not move. I was so proud of me figuring out how to make this whole thing on my own but this just made me so sad because it does not work. Please help me out with this!

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You need to connect your meshes in studio with Weld, Motor6Ds, etc. The importer does this by default, but often incorrectly. So check this out

What controls which MeshParts smoothly join together?
If MeshParts are connected with Motor6Ds, Welds, BallSocketConstraints, HingeConstraints or WeldConstraint, and they are under the same Model instance, then the mesh will join when the meshes share joint names.

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