Animating tool does not work as expected

I used this tutorial: How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.)
the tutorial doesn’t really explain much about exactly how to play the animations
I used this tutorial because I wanted to make complex animations for tools
I have the tool rigged to the torso, because I want to animate it freely without being stuck to one of the hands

I have a few issues with the tutorial, first being the tool inside the character whenever equipping the tool, second being that the tool ease back to the player’s torso, and lastly how would i make the tool transfer to an idle animation smoothly?

I tried looking if anyone had any solutions about this, but i couldn’t really find anything to fix this problem. If you got an idea how to fix this please tell me.

here is a video of a demonstration of what my problem is

and then here’s what the animation supposed to look like

and finally here’s the testing place (you might want to change it to r6 to be able to test it)
there are 2 module scripts in server storage, 1 for getting the player from the tool, and the 2nd one for automatically attaching the motor6d to the player’s torso
(you don’t need to mess around with them, they both work as intended)

and there’s the with 2 scripts inside the tool first one pick up script and second one the animation script

and the gun is on the ground inside the test place
tool_test_place.rbxl (401.7 KB)

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The tool going back to the torso is most likely due to the fact that your animation is not looped, so go into the animation editor and make sure the circle with an arrow in it is blue.

Secondly, the reason for your tool spawning in at the torso is because you set the Motor6D’s part1 (of the BodyAttach) at the torso, resulting in the tool immediately moving to the torso. If you didn’t want the tool to appear in the torso, then you could possibly try setting the BodyAttach’s Part1 to the right arm or something, or keeping the tool transparent for 0.5 seconds after the player has equipped it, then making it visible.

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yeah but if i attach it to the arm, i can’t really do complex animations as easily since it’s stuck the arm, and i can’t do not much about it
complex animations for example such as the tool swapping hands during mid animation, if the hand that was originally rigged to the tool would move, then the tool would move also, it would make animating a such a hassle

example, here is a video clip of the tool being rigged onto the right hand instead of the torso,
and the right hand moves up and down and the tool also moves with it, and when the tool goes to the other side to demonstrate that the fact the right hand still effects the tool, and the left hand has no control over it.

and then i tried to add a looped idle animation(just the hand sticking out while holding the tool)
it works the first time, but it just breaks after that, like the gun goes in place immediately

also there is one last issue, the gun teleports randomly when equipped, not sure how it happens, but it is not caused by can collide
and also the gun moves the player if they equip and unequip it (though i think its because can collide is on)

Your gun is still appearing at the torso. I wonder is there any way to make it appear in hand instantly?
Like, with no fade. At all.