How would i make complex animations?

i want to make complex animation such as dual welding weapons,
a reload animation that has one hand holding the gun and the other with the mag putting inside the gun,
throwing objects such as grenades,
a two-handed weapon
an animation which switches hands during mid animation(such as right hand to left)

cause when animating complex animations the tool is stuck to where you rigged it(such as if you have it rigged to the right hand, and i dont know how to rig it to the left hand during the animation) and im not sure how to change where the tool is rigged to during animation
here’s a video to at least describe what im saying

if you want me to make examples for you so you’ll have a better visual on what im trying to say then just ask me and i’ll be happy to show you(but it be buggy and can’t be used)

my other attempts have been futile
such as these

if anyone got suggestions, i would appreciate it

i’ve tried this, but not much luck for me

Try to rig the gun to the torso.

Is your gun rigged to your right or left hand does your gun have a handle ?

If not then do that and it should work

Edit: right and left arm if your using r6

i already tried rigged the gun to the torso, too many keyframes just to keep the gun to the hand

Yep i know that but still it is better. Even the tutorial does that

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