Animation Editor 3.0 - Rotation/Position bug


I have encountered a bug which renders the animation editor 3.0 unusable for me when animating custom models.

Here’s a video of what’s happening:

An explanation for people who can’t watch this video:

  1. Rotate part
  2. Entire character rotates at random and moves randomly

This happens in every place, no matter what I do.
OS: Windows 10 Pro

Repro file: AnimationEditor30_WeirdRotation_Repro.rbxl (24.1 KB)

or am I just using the editor wrong? :c

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I have a similar issue, except the model just randomly will go upward while animating it.

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I had that problem a while ago – it was really weird. I think I fixed it by deleting the rig I was using and switching to a copy of the rig.

Try anchoring it?

After anchoring the Humanoid in the repro file, it refuses to rotate.

for me, it creates random keyframes in blank frames I didn’t key on

if when I key all the keyframes and leave no blank keyframes

the bug will never occur

also delete proxyparts

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Try only anchoring the HumanoidRootPart.

This seems to do the trick. Thanks.

The plugin should anchor it if it is not anchored.

Kinda difficult to judge things like that at first glance, I think. We don’t want two versions of everything in the API, so you have a choice of potentially overwriting the user’s choice or adding more fluff in the API…

That’s not a change that involves the ROBLOX API though, right? It’s one line of code when you click “Select” to anchor the selected rootpart.

Also, I could have sworn the animation editor used to have a warning like this. Am I imagining things or was it removed?


A warning would probably work. I don’t know, man, I just play with VR.