[Animation Editor] Parts rotating strangely, is it my rig, or what?

I’m trying to animate a mechanical thing in Studio, and I’m trying to fix this weird problem with the way my parts are rotating.

It’s only this one, It doesn’t rotate at all but instead everything rotates around it in a weird way. Take a look:

I’ve tried removing all welds attached to the problem object. I’ve tried re-rigging. I’ve tried swapping Part0 and Part1 in the Motor6D, none of which seem to work.


I am having a similar issue, it’s happening with both Roblox’s Animation Editor and the Moon Animator plugin. It only happens when I add a new part to the rig, and it seems everything becomes relative or “pivots” around the new part. I’ve tried same steps as yours and they didn’t work.

When I swap Part0 and Part1 I notice the rest of the rig (besides the problematic basepart) shifts slighty.

If you figure anything out please make a reply.


happening to me too idk whats happening

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