Animation Editor Plugin Fatal Bug

Can’t post this in Studio Bug reports, so just want to get this some visibility.

Here is my procedure:

And then the screen goes grey for the plugin and I can no longer access the animation editor FOR ANY OTHER RIGS for the studio session.

(If I try to access the editor after this bug, I get this exception on click:
Plugin_-1.Project.AnimationEditor.Code.GUIScripts.GUIScriptScrollZoomControl:25: attempt to index field ‘TargetWidget’ (a nil value))

The only solution I’ve found is restarting.

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So I followed your procedure exactly, and I didn’t get the error. Could you be more specific on how this error is reproduced, or make pictures for each step?

Post Approval Procedure

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Look at the About the Studio Bugs category topic to format your post correctly. You’re half-way there, you just have to add a bit more information, like pictures, one for each step would be amazing. You could also probably say what the impact is at the very beginning as well as at the end. Adding a repro file would be even better. Even though it could be created anywhere, it’s still helpful just in case your environment needs to be accounted for the error.

I’ll give you a template file with what I have that is giving me the error:
animation-editor-bug.rbxl (15.9 KB)

I checked the post where the new animation editor was introduced (New Animation Editor Workflow and some bug fixes), apparently this has been an error for a few months now :\


If you looked in my previous post, I was talking about the “Post Approval Procedure” in the details section:

Now that you have a reproduction of it, you should try moving it to #platform-feedback:studio-bugs through the post approval procedure. Make sure to include the reproduction from your reply in your topic, since it works, and just add a couple more details to it to flesh it out! Always make sure to consult the studio bugs about page to make sure you get all the details right!

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Ok. I will follow that procedure and replicate this post to the bulletin.

For now I found the solution is to unanchor the parts that need to be animated.

This makes sense given the fact that anchored parts cannot animate. I think for whatever reason there is no pre-check to see if the parts are unanchored so the plugin freaks out and crashes.