Animation editor removing random keyframes

I spent 5 hours making some player combat animations. Most of the time was spent on a 2-handed melee attack.
This attack animation had 4 keyframes in total, and the “getting ready to slash” keyframe took me 30 minutes or so alone.

I saved the animation locally, and exported it. I have this all on video(thank god for Radeon ReLive by AMD), it’s just taking time to upload.

Now, after re-opening the place, the animation saved locally has only 3 keyframes instead of 4. Importing the exported anim, same goddamn thing. And of course the keyframe thats missing was the one that took the most time to create.

I also spent total 10 hours designing different character models and character related stuff, only to find out you can’t in any way switch characters on the fly, but only when you spawn. Soo thats total 12-16 hours totally wasted due to things I can’t influence in any way.[/details]

was a bit uncertain to revive this old topic but it sounds exactly like what I encountered today trying to make some melee swinging animations

wanted to make a sword swing combo, and for control reasons I wanted to split the animations into the windup and the actual swing
so I made the windup as an animation with one keyframe at the end of the track, exported it, copied the keyframe and made a swinging one starting from the copied keyframe
after testing the first attack, I wanted to continue with the rest, but when importing the first swing animation, I couldn’t find the last keyframe to copy and start from there

Technical explanation:
in both of those two animations that I am working on, uploaded to ROBLOX, when I import them into the Animation Editor, I cannot see the last keyframe
in both of the cases it is the last keyframe and not a random one
not sure whether it has to do with the fact that it’s the last keyframe, or that it’s time was at the very end (1 out of 1)
when used in game, the said animations perform as expected, so it’s specifically the animation editor that doesn’t load them up

would of added a file with the model and animation, but saving the imported animation saves it without the missing keyframe, and the rig is a simple r6 one

This was brought up here as well: Animation Editor Issues

It’s on our radar and will be investigated!