Animation editor wont let me animate any rigs

Hello! Im Scythe! There has been some weird things going on with the animation editor.

Describe the bug. Describe what is happening when the bug occurs. Describe what you would normally expect to occur.

Here is a gyazo of the bug:

I would expect for everything to be fine and let me move on to the real animating page.

How often does the bug happen (Everytime/sometimes/rarely)? What are the steps that reproduce the bug? Please list them in very high detail. Provide simple example places that exhibit the bug and provide description of what you believe should be the behavior.

The bug happens 100% of the time.

How to reproduce:

1) Open studio and go to plugins
2) Build a rig, any rig.
3) Click animation editor
4) Try and animate the rig.

Where does the bug happen (www, gametest, etc) Is it level-specific? Is it game specific? Please post a link to the place that exhibits the issue.

It happens in studio. If I try to delete the rig and try agian, the whole buttons disappear:

Would a screenshot or video help describe it to someone? If so, post one.

Picture and video

For graphics bugs, it is sometimes helpful to know your system specs, especially graphics card.

When did the bug start happening? If we can tie it to a specific release that helps us figure out what we broke.

I just noticed it today. I don’t know if it’s happened before.

Anything else that you would want to know about the bug if it were your job to find and fix it.

I am on a macOS.

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