Animation is broke

Hey guys!
My animation is a bit broke, On the animator it looks good but when testing it just looks wrong :man_shrugging:


So when equipping/running the animation it’s not where it should be!
(Just the handle contains and welds all the other parts with motor 6d

For clarification, the priority is set to action, right?

If you ever want to see what animations are contributing to a Motor6D position, use this Studio setting.

More than likely, you have 2 animations competing.

I got this;

Now what? It seems like others animations aren’t affecting it :stuck_out_tongue:

Try setting the animation’s priority to action.

It is on action! The anim priority is on action. and looped.

I think the toolgrip weld is voiding the motor6d. try finding some way to disable it.
maybe by turning off the requireHandle property in the tool?

I wish it was as simple as “Action” vs “Idle!” :face_with_monocle:

If there are any Motor6D being used in Idle or Movement, that are not being held still in Action, they will continue to influence that Motor6D. That includes all default animations. My animations are plagued by this. Jumping triggers the “flapping arms in the breeze” default animation. If I don’t overwrite the arms, whether I use the arms or not, I get flappy arms.

The solution is to look for any unused Motor6D and put them into the Action animation. For you, I’d check every arm and torso joint. Something looks like it is is bleeding through.

Hmm, I’ll check Luckily I have R6 so it shouldn’t take long but…

Why it happens then
If there’s no Hands and only a right arm motor 6d to the tool handle?

check if theres a weld between the arm and the tool

The first video is the testing video, right? Isn’t that R15? If you have an R6 animation and you use it on R15, there are going to be holes.

At least in theory! I gave up on R15 months ago, but I had to upload all new animations to get Chrythm’s RPG (written for R6) to support R15.

no, its r6 if you pay attention the the character loading in


Are you sure? At 2 seconds, that arm appears to be bending at the elbow.

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It might be on the second vid, idk

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I agree, the second video is R6. If its an R6 animation tested on an R15 model, all the other joints will be influenced by default animations.

Nono , It’s R6 just a different character, that’s all 100% sure it’s R6.

I thought of something else you can test.

Have you tried using the dummy character (video 2) as your StarterCharacter? I didn’t think R6 could have this problem, but you can also have weird things happen if 2 models have slightly different rigging. For example, I have 2 humanoids, but with different neck alignment. With the same neck Motor6d, one will turn to look at you, the other looks at the floor.

I suppose it’s possible that could be happening to you. If the DummyCharacter works fine but your avatar does not, then it’s related to the model, and you need model specific animations.

In case you need to know how to test it: rename a copy of the working Dummy “StarterCharacter” and put it in StarterPlayer


It doesn’t works

(and I can’t move)

Here’s more