Animation not working on tools

I currently have a sword swinging animation that actually rotates and physically moves the weapon, however when I test it in-game/in-studio, it looks as if it’s just a static tool welded to the right arm.

Animation Editor


Is there a way I can achieve the same effect I have in the editor within the actual game? I’ve looked at a couple of posts on the forum related to the issue, but none of them have provided sufficient help.

I don’t mind using pseudo-tools in this case if it means I can the desired effect.

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You would need to have a script make a copy of the motored instance present in the animation, and then just put it in the character.

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I see, are there any alternatives to this? Could I just rig the tool instead?
I’m not too keen on using a hacky method like this.

No, you will have to script it. Since if you weld it using weld or weld constraint, it will just be a weld meaning it won’t move since it is not a bone.

Wouldn’t I be able to use a Motor6d instead? Shouldn’t this resolve the issue or do I still need to make a separate instance.


Oh thanks, I’ll definitely take a look.

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Got it working, appreciate it man. Now I just gotta test to see if it works with accessories instead of tools.

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Should work as long as you motor6d it

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