Animation plays once on the client, but loops on server

I’m trying to make two NPCs wave with the Roblox “Hello” animation. The problem is that it’s only looping on server-side and it only plays once on the client. Help would be appreciated thanks.

Make sure to check the Looped property of the Animation (in your case, on both the server and the client)


It is enabled by the server script that plays the Animation.

And you’d like it to loop on all clients too, right?

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Yeah I do. So then what would I do?

are there any errors inside of the output?

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Hmm, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work…

Did you make the animations yourself? I’m not 100% familiar with animations but I think there is a way to enable looping with the animation editor.

Also, using the explorer, check the Looped property of the animation (while on the client) and tell me what it says. If it says false, then we just need to set it to true on the client. If it says true then try what I said above.

No, as stated in the first post, I used the account Roblox’s “Hello” animation.

Oh okay my bad, check the second thing I said

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did you put a script inside of the NPC?

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Yeah. Does it need to be a local script?

no. it doesnt have to be a local script.

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Well it says true even though it’s not looping

you want the wave to loop as well?

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What do you mean? What else would be looping?

im talking about do you want the NPC to wave every time.

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Yeah that’s the entire point of the script…

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is it ok if i write a script for you?

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Yeah sure because I really want this to work


(charactertrr lllllll limit)

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